The Middle Finger to Thumbs Up Scale


From the worthless coaching display Tom Thibodeau put on during a Bulls 120-112 loss, the Middle Finger to Thumbs Up Scale was born. The NB collective recognized that a mere 1-10 scale could not capture the essence of certain situations/stories. A more powerful, cerebral, and direct scale needed to be made. Thus, from the ashes of a dismal coaching display, a new scale sprouted three middle fingers.

The scale is simple, but we’ll take a little tour to make sure everyone is on board. Starting with the extremes, we have three Johnny Cash middle fingers for total futility and three Ronald Reagan thumb-ups for pure brilliance. In the middle we have Tommie Smith representing the status quo. In order to read the scale, one only needs to look at how many of the pictures are enlarged. I will go ahead and rate this page using the scale as an example. Since this scale and explanation are very necessary for us continuing NB’s apex among the world of journalism (ergo, keeping the status quo), it receives a Tommie Smith.

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