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Brooklyn Nets 76 – Chicago Bulls 79

Drink:  Vina Alicia Malbec I went into game 3 hotly anticipating a contest where we finally wouldn’t have to hear the Crooklyn fans chant “Brooooook-lyyyyyn” in a way that is usually reserved for mocking a struggling goaltender in hockey.  Maybe … Continue reading

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Game #61: Chicago Bulls 83 – San Antonio Spurs 101

The Bulls tried some in the first, laid down in the second, and chalked up another L. Continue reading

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Game #48: Chicago Bulls – Denver Nuggets (They are still keeping score, eh?)

The Bulls got the hell beat out of them tonight. Continue reading

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Game #42: Golden State Warriors 87 – Chicago Bulls 103

Drink La Fin Du Monde Not since Golden State was added to the union to make it an even 51 United States, have the Warriors had this much to chirp about.  With an exciting team that has bought into Mark … Continue reading

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Game #34: Chicago Bulls 108 – New York Knicks 101

The Chicago Bulls beat the New York Knicks. Continue reading

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Carlos Boozer moves like Jagger*

Carlos Boozer danced around the court and Hinrich hurt his groin. Continue reading

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Game 28: Chicago Bulls 90 – New Orleans Hornets 67

Drink: Hendricks Gin Martini As my brother-in-arms (and real life) pointed out, with two of the worst teams in the NBA on the horizon, this would be a good time to rest our reigning MVP ‘cuz his back is such … Continue reading

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