Kaiju Mania!

Kaiju movies. They are the bread and butter of the soul. Or, possibly, you find yourself watching them for the inexplicable reason that you decided purchasing a six-DVD set of Godzilla movies and a three-DVD set of Gamera flicks from Amazon was wise investment. Whatever the sound logic may have been, there is only one course of action: watch and review these masterpieces.

For the layman or laywoman, kaiju films are simply giant monster movies. Being as such, the plots are often water-tight and the acting superb. I decided early on that I would not be tackling these movies as much as I would be reviewing the kaiju that appear in them. The human characters in these movies are either cannon fodder or are alive to move along the plot, making it pointless to comment on their doings (unless it is comical). Ergo, the focus is on the kaiju, and each will be rated by the NB Middle Finger to Thumbs Up Scale. So commence au festival!

1. Gojira
2. Rodan
3. Godzilla Raids Again
4. Mothra
5. Ghidorah: The Three Headed Monster

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