As we continue in our effort to provide the very best in journalism, No Bulljive will proceed with using terms we made up or found while publishing our stellar posts (with little regard for the readers’ comprehension). This page allows for you, the little people of the burden, to keep up with all of our hep lingo.

Age of Rose – the 2010-11 season and beyond

The Beard – Carlos Boozer

Boxer’s Fracture – slang for the fracture Carlos Boozer experienced in early October 2010

Chew on a Train – pure glory or awesomeness

Compound Words – the Portland Trail Blazers

Garbage Time – The period in a blowout win when the reserves descend onto the court

Gymkata – Kurt Thomas

Jomer – The tactic of playing Ömer Aşik at center and Joakim Noah at power forward at the same time

Kaiju – Giant monsters, often in rubber suits, in movies (often made in Japan)

Nexus 6 – Perfection, the cream of the crop, i.e. Roy Batty

Omer Asik – formerly Ömer Aşik (RIP umlaut & cedilla)

Pops Mensah-Bonsu – a panacea

Post-Jordan Era – period from the 1998-99 season through the 2009-10 season

The Prize Fighter – CJ Watson

Pulling a Bobby C. – overreacting and calling a game over prematurely

Rammstein – Awesomeness, in some form

Michael Rapaport – Brian Scalabrine

The Real Cheesecake – the goods

Shobijin – A pair of tiny “fairies” from Infant Island (located somewhere in the Pacific Ocean), their powers include controlling Mothra telepathically (kinda)

Sloth Ömer Aşik – in grace, not looks

Smoke Show – a universal noun/verb that can be used for anything good or bad.

Suckdown – a drain or parasite, “I was pretty much a suckdown on my family.” – Dennis Rodman

Three Point Fever – players developing a three-point shot

Tibs/Thibs – Coach Tom Thibodeau

The UC – The United Center

Unit: DJ TrainWreck – The lineup that comes out to start the 2nd quarter, which includes one starter surrounded by bench players

3 Responses to Glossary

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  2. I like “the White Mamba.” Does Stacy King have that one copyrighted?

  3. Judas Pato says:

    I prefer “Useless White Mascot” for Scal.

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