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Brooklyn Nets 76 – Chicago Bulls 79

Drink:  Vina Alicia Malbec I went into game 3 hotly anticipating a contest where we finally wouldn’t have to hear the Crooklyn fans chant “Brooooook-lyyyyyn” in a way that is usually reserved for mocking a struggling goaltender in hockey.  Maybe … Continue reading

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Game #70: FUCK THE STREAK!!!

Your Chicago Bulls end the Miami Heat’s weak-ass twenty-whatever streak and extend their own THREE game streak! Continue reading

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Game #69: Chicago Bulls 104 – Minnesota Timberwolves 97

The Chicago Bulls win some games, which is fun! Continue reading

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Breaking News: D Rose return imminent

Joelseppi of No Bulljive is reporting that Derrick Rose will absolutely return for #thereturn this Monday to return against the Denver Nuggets for a return to basketball…return-style.  The signs are obvious and not in any way a loose conspiracy.  Fact:  … Continue reading

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Game #63: Chicago Los Bulls 81 – LA Los Lakers 90

Dwight Howard levitates and the Lakers hand it to the Bulls (in a bad way). Continue reading

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Game #62: Utah Jazz 88 – Chicago Bulls 89

The Chicago Bulls and Utah Jazz squared off in a battle of who can ugly basketball better. Continue reading

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Game #61: Chicago Bulls 83 – San Antonio Spurs 101

The Bulls tried some in the first, laid down in the second, and chalked up another L. Continue reading

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