Confederations Cup Day #3: Home of the Brave

Sorry that I am getting to this one late, as I am sure you all saw the “brave” 6-1 trashing Tahiti experienced at the hands of Nigeria. I get it ESPN, Tahiti v Nigeria is not a sexy match-up. Hell, Tahiti has no business even being in this tourney. That does not mean that we have to all sit around gush about how scoring own-goals somehow takes courage. The way ESPN is slinging the hyperbole, you would think that they expected Tahiti to run to the tunnel pissing themselves at the sound of the opening whistle. But no, “Instead, they tried to play.” Huh? It takes real guts to have an all expenses paid vacation to Brasil and play some football against players who, until now, you have only seen on TV. You see what I just wrote there? That is called a “fantasy camp” in the developed world. But yesterday, it was brave, courageous, heroic, and ESPN TV analysts and writers vomiting hyperbole all over your nice HD TVs, pads, and laptops.

"So, you don't like fancy new stadiums, eh?"

“So, you don’t like fancy new stadiums, eh?”

Meanwhile, Brasilian police continue to riddle their protesting citizens with rubber bullets and tears gas. The whining populace is still not getting over the fact that the government is flushing billions of dollars down the crapper on the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics. Boo-hoo. Quit your (tear-gas induced) crying, go back to your corrugated-steel shack, eat your cardboard stew, and get over yourself!

Today we get a break in action (well, at least on the field – in the streets, it will probably be another rough day on heavy underdog protesters as they take on the policia again), while teams rest up and hit the pitch tomorrow. Group A will be featured, as Brasil takes on Mexico and Italy battles Japan – with Brasil and Italy both being comfortable favorites. My money will be on Tahiti, those poor, brave bastards.

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