Game #70: FUCK THE STREAK!!!

Drink Dublin (or an Irish Manhattan)

On a team that is lacking in dunks, James Butler is a welcomed addition.

On a team that is lacking in dunks, James Butler is a welcomed addition.

The Bulls came out of the half with a lineup of Capt’ Kirk, James Butler, Luol Deng, Carlos Boozer, and Nazr Mohammed. It was their starting lineup, so coming out of the break, it was hardly a surprise. However, during the first half, one which finished with the Bulls leading 55-46, two of their top contributors were Taj Gibson and Nathaniel Cornelius Robinson. Now, I love Thom Tibodeau to death, but there are times were I really, really question his personnel choices. And as that third period waned, I became more and more worried at the absence of the two superb first half subs. My apprehension proved to be correct, as the Bulls lost any momentum they may have had from that first 50% of the game, and were getting out worked in most every aspect of the game. Then with about four and a half minutes left in the third and the Bulls down by one, in came Nathaniel and Taj. After that point, the Bulls stopped the bleeding, regained control – never too convincingly – and did enough to end the second longest streak in NBA history. If you did not see it, shame on you. It was grand. It was so magnificent, that I became downright giddy in the fourth (even though it was not at all in the bag – more for the pure fun it was providing). I usually keep notes throughout every Bulls game. With four or so minutes left in the fourth, I looked down at my pad and realized I had not written a single line for that quarter. It was mesmerizing.

No Rose, FUCK YOU!!! No Problem I had a little Thai food with a friend before I watched this contest. It was tough for me to do, but as a friend, I DVR’d it, went to eat (avoiding the TV playing the game and praying no one would talk about it – thankfully, Thai folk hate basketball – FACT), and watched it afterward. When I got home and fired it up, I decided I could not stomach the national broadcast and opted to play DJ HatesYou lasted NB mix (Why is it not posted?!) while enjoying the festivities. Yet, even without the sound, I could feel the Kirk Hinrich national-broadcast blowjob fest going on. Then it was confirmed with the giant stat on how much better the Bulls are with Hinrich this year. I admit that a healthy Kirk is a positive on this Bulls team. BUT, what fucking team cannot use a Kirk Hinrich when your options are a very volatile Nathaniel Cornelius Robinson and a very rookie looking rookie in Marquis de Teague?! … On a night when the Bulls really needed something from what was left of their stars (with Noah being injured and Rose being Rose), Lu and Booz came through with aplomb. Lu went: 28 points (10-22 FG), seven rebounds, five assists. Booze rattled off:  21 points (9-17 FG), 17 boards. Lovely work, boys! … Is it just me, or was this the perfect game for Belinelli to miss? I feel like he would have really fucked this one up. … RANT ALERT!!! It seems like so much of Bulls fans’ angst is directed toward LBJ, when it really should be toward Dwayne Wade. LBJ is kind of like child who does not always know how to act. He has this great gift – ergo, he has never had to correct his behavior. D-Wade on the other hand, is a complete bitch. AND the fact that he is a Chicagoan, should make Bulls fans even more ready to disown him. The dude always, ALWAYS plays up the slightest of injuries (Was that him “hobbling” around in the fourth quarter tonight, only to show none of that perceived injury seconds later?!), he moans at refs, and he often does not get back on plays – usually because he is crying to a ref. The prime example of this came in the second quarter. Nathaniel drove to the lane, comically lost the ball, it was kicked to Wade, then Nathaniel promptly tracked back and stole the ball. Instead of getting back on the play, Wade jogged it out in the direction he was going, i.e. the opposite direction of the play. After a few passes the other way, Nathaniel knocked down a wide open three. I wonder who was supposed to be guarding him? Oh,that’s right! That total bitch of an asshole Dwayne Wade. (Maybe he was hurt [his feelings, most likely – HIYO!].) Do not rip LBJ. Maybe he “dissed” the Bulls in free agency, but he is a rather fantastic player. D-Wade, on the other hand, is a complete asshat.

NB has been waiting for a moment to break the Middle Finger to Thumbs Up Scale, and tonight was that night. Behold! THE FOUR EAGLE CRYING REAGAN PERFORMANCE!!!
Four_Reagans_EmergencyIf there was ever a time to pop in Apocalypse Now and passout on the couch… now is that time. Goonight, y’all!

Ed. Note: This is the first time I have ever not listed the score in the review’s heading. It has been a monumental night for us all.

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  1. djhatesyou says:

    Mr. Roy Batty has requested I forward on this correspondence:

    To Whom it May Concern,

    “Here is the, I want more life, fuckerin’ awesome Underworld Mix, should any adoring NB fans like to listen to it as mentioned in this post by the only person who has every made me proud, Judas Pato. Considering past mixes have garnered as many as two downloads though, I highly doubt it, but since we’re entertaining ourselves over here anyway, I mind as well just start quoting Roy Batty for fuck’s sake.”
    -Roy Batty


    Roy Batty

    (*Please not that Roy Batty did indeed quote himself in the previous correspondence. I just do what I’m told folks. -DjHatesyou.)

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