Game #69: Chicago Bulls 104 – Minnesota Timberwolves 97

DrinkĀ Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc

Jumping Jehoshaphat, did the Bulls really just win two games over the course of a weekend?! The last time that happened was early December. Most people did not even know where Cyprus was in those innocent times – let alone that it could threaten the Eurozone!

a thousand words

a thousand words

Last night’s game was one of those that you just kept expecting the Bulls to blow – all the way up until the end, when Indy heaved a pair of threes. Today, the Bulls dominated for most of the contest, and refreshingly put away an inferior opponent, while dealing with scores in the infirmary. Even without stalwart Joakim Noah, the Bulls murderfaced the Wolves on the boards, 52-32. It was some lovely team rebounding. Jimmy Butler got a rare start and Thibs promptly punished him with 43 minutes. Butler took his assignment with aplomb, as he worked his ass off and was a constant source of energy.

It was a punctual win, as the Bulls can now build on these victories and parlay them into a streak-ending defeat against the Heat of Miami on Wednesday. Mark my words, no new taxes!

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  1. sirbriang2 says:

    Tasty sauv blanc for a not distasteful win.

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