Game #66: Denver Nuggets 119 – Chicago Bulls 118, OT

Drink Distilled Water

Derrick Rose had green I'm-not-gonna-play shoes for St. Patty's Day! How cute!

Derrick Rose had green I’m-not-gonna-play shoes for St. Patty’s Day! How cute!

With much of the bleeding my eyes endured while watching this team lately, the Bulls owed us some good ole kooky fun, and this game delivered in spades. This contest had a little of everything: good and bad. The Bulls fought back from a double-digit deficit to tie the game and send it into overtime. And it looked like they were going to win in overtime… a couple of times. But it was not meant to be – as Noah goal tended a Marco last-second shot, which they originally counted. The refs then reviewed the played, wiped off the basket, and Thibs went absolutely bonkers. From my knowledge of the rule, the refs nailed it, and it was rather clear-cut on the replay, but Thibs would not listen to me and yelled anyway. He should have been T’d up, but hey, it was the day after St. Patty’s Day – every deserves to be a little belligerent.

The Bulls turned in a great effort, largely playing a six player rotation versus a team who loves to run and can go deep on their bench. And it was that bench that did them in – as Wilson Chandler had a huge game (35 points on 13-21 FG, nine rebounds), combined with the savvy play of back-up point guard Andre Miller. Miller stats were not mind-blowing (although, 13 assists in less than 30 minutes is rather sexy), but he just ran the point much better than starter Ty Lawson.

For the Bulls, Nathaniel Cornelius Robinson had himself a game (35 points on 13-22 FG, seven assists, seven turnovers), and was dropping some Nate-like shots. The other key Bull was Joakim Noah (14 points on 7-10 FG, 12 rebounds, six assists, and seven blocks). Noah got in some early foul trouble, which opened the lane for the Nuggets. Without Noah in the game, the Nuggets were running amok. When Jo got back into the game, he was able to better solidify the paint, but he still had many flying Nuggets to contest.

St Patty’s Redux After hitting a game-tying three (which would eventually send it to overtime), Nathaniel ran over to the Bulls bench, turned around and did the balls-dance that Tanaka does in Major League II. And while that movie blew, it was highly amusing seeing the Bulls clown do it. … Congrats to the Denver Nuggets TV announcers! They may not be great, but they are the least annoying crew I have heard this year. Their play-by-play dude is solid and their color analyst just sounds like your drunk uncle watching the game in his living room. While that may not sound astounding, the majority of sports announcing is ass-terrible. Hence, the Nuggets may have the best crew in basketball! By default! … The Bulls wore their green jersey in honor of St Patrick’s Day (a day late and a no-call short). I really wished they would have upped the ante and added “McBulls” to the jerseys, a la Noche Latino.

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