Game #63: Chicago Los Bulls 81 – LA Los Lakers 90

Drink Lazio Owl Pinot Grigio

It is a touch unfair that Dwight can levitate.

It is a touch unfair that Dwight can levitate.

To be honest, I did not watch this one all that closely. I had a few friends over, and you know what? Talking over the game and not paying very close attention to it is a much more enjoyable experience for foul games like this one. Afterward, we went to the park with our dogs and threw the frsibee around, which happened to be more pleasant than sitting around and writing a review on this game. It was a spectacular afternoon, perfect for frisbee throwing with the pooches. You really should have been there.

I suppose the game was not all that bad. Nathaniel Cornelius Robinson did many Nathaniel Cornelius Robinson things, both of the good and bad (and very, very bad) variety. Joakim Noah had a lovely line (18 points on 7-12 FG, 17 rebounds), despite looking like he was getting worked by Dwight Howard (16 points on 8-14 FG, 21 rebounds), to the untrained eye. Lucky for you, dear reader, the eyes at NB are very well trained and our ears are even more so. My trained ears picked up color analyst Jeff Van Gundy blow-jobbing Kirk Hinrich (DNP – swamp foot) all of five minutes into this contest. That audio wave sent a signal to my brain to turn the volume down on the surround sound. Science! Laws of science also dictated that a team cannot shoot 37% FG and win a game, except for when they did and beat the Jazz on Friday. Eff Science! The Bulls ARE the 37%. #OWS

NB EXCLUSIVE!!! A source close to NB saw Derrick Rose at Wiener Circle this weekend and confirmed that our beloved Bull will be back this weekend. In fact, the Chicago native went as far as saying he would be “for sure” back this week! (Being a friend of said source, I should probably divulge that this chap is not exactly the most reliable or sober source – thus making him one of our very finest.) So you have a guarantee from the 11th best Bulls site on the planet: Derrick Rose will play this week. You are welcome.

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