Game #62: Utah Jazz 88 – Chicago Bulls 89

Drink Courtney Benham Lucca Red Wine

Thom Tibodeau, probably watching Nathaniel Cornelius Robinson play basketball.

Thom Tibodeau, probably watching Nathaniel Cornelius Robinson play basketball.

Just when you thought the Bulls found another way to give away a game, Marco Belinelli falls on a drive to the basket, a mad scrap for the ball ensues, Joakim Noah saves it from going out of bounce to James Butler, who shuffles it back to a Belinelli waiting on the arc, who catches and shoots a three for the one-point lead and the game – just like they drew it up. This all came after the Bulls blew their modest fourth quarter lead, fought back, only to see the new lead blown again. At that point, I already had my review brewing in my jaded noggin. It was brief and had little to do with the actual game. Yet, as fate would have it, the Bulls came back and I am now happy as a clam. (FACT: Clams are not all that happy – making my analogy apt.)

The Booz Luxury Water Vessel As easy and often justly as it is to blame Carlos “God damn!” Boozer for many of the Bulls woes, this game offers one of the rare salutes to the bearded/bald one. Boozer’s line (22 & 10 on 10-22 FG – a statistical palindrome of sorts!) is not going to knock off your socks (or even an unbalanced hat), but if you took in this contest, he was often their first, second, and third option on offense. (Well, I suppose there was the Nathaniel Cornelius Robinson Circus as well.) Boozer seemed rather amped against his old team, making his selective motivation all the more frustrating. His jumper was in rhythm and he was acting aggressive. And even if much of that aggression led to some comically easy fodder for the Jazz bigs, it is much preferred to the pedestrian bystander that Boozer chooses to embody in big games. Was this early March game against a floundering Jazz team a “big game”? With what has to be a collectively fragile ego for these Bulls over the last month, in addition to the suicidal state of its fandom, I would label this one as a “big game.” (And I happen to be THE authority of large contests.)

The Next Day The Jazz announcers (featuring former Georgia Tech great, Matt Harping) talked up what Nazr Mohammed can bring to the table when the ancient Kenwood Academy grad first checked into the game. And as screwy as that may sound, Nazr came in and contributed in this contest. If you have not been following Nazr’s Bulls career thus far, it has largely been a shitshow. Tonight, the Bulls needed Nazr’s size to offset the load of big men the Jazz offer. While Nazr’s line was subtle (nine points on 2-8 FG, seven rebounds, 20 minutes), he brought a respectable physicality down low that was much needed with Noah flirting with foul trouble most of the game. … In addition to the game winner, Marco Belinelli logged his third straight 20-point game tonight (22 points on 7-14 FG). It would be swell if he stayed in as the starting shooting guard even when Rip was healthy or when Rose comes back, but Rip will most likely push him out in the first scenario and Kirk in the second – neither for seemingly basketball reasons.

And if Belinelli did not hit that game-winner, my post would have went a little something like… FUCK YOU, Derrick Rose. Have our eyes not bled enough this season?! As per some medical-talking dude via ESPN, not only are you are cleared to play, but doing so would not put you at anymore risk of injury than anyone else. You are going to have to come back and probably look rather shotty at some point. If you are at the point where it is not increasing the likeliness of injury, then PLEASE, for the sake of our bleeding eyeballs, play! Even if you are not at the top of the game, the mere joy of seeing you on the court would relieve some of the agony that is watching this squad. Please, please, please #thereturn already!

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