Game #61: Chicago Bulls 83 – San Antonio Spurs 101

Drink NB Manhattan

Hey, Derrick Rose is day-to-day! Which is Bullspeak for, "Go fuck yourself!"

Hey, Derrick Rose is day-to-day! Which is Bullspeak for, “Go fuck yourself!”

With a slew of players out injured (Rose, Taj, Rip, and Kirk), beating the Spurs in San Antonio (or the Moon, for that matter) was always going to be a tall order – even without their starting point guard and all-around stud, Tony Parker (man, that must suck). Yet, the Bulls toyed with our emotions in an oddly entertaining first half, long enough to give us hope… only to crap on it as the second half wore on. The Spurs turned in a typical Spurs effort after cleaning up some early turnover issues (ten in the first half). It was a team with a system, a system that produces Ws. Sound familiar? The Bulls used to have something like that.

Immaculately Well Fact: Jon Barry is worse than Reggie Miller. Barry was on this game and he was as atrocious as always. My favorite quote of his was, “Everyone said that he [Tim Duncan] was finished last year.” Um, who? Slowing down, perhaps – but finished?! … Carlos Boozer turned in another disappointing showing (10 points on 5-14 FG, eight rebounds), at a time when his team could have really used things like points. To be fair, this was a team effort in futility. Marco Belinelli had a solid effort (21 points on 8-16 FG, seven assists) and Teague showed some promise, otherwise it was a sorry oerall performance. However, it is Boozer’s inability to show up in big games that really stands out. … Holy shit, was it Noche Latino?! IT WAS NOCHE LATINO!!! For those of you whom may be less cultured than the NBA brass, “noche latino” is Latin (I think) for “Night of the Mexicans.” It is the NBA’s way of pandering to the Latino contingent during March. And they go ALL OUT! ESPN was jingling in some Latino-inspired music coming in and out of commercials. Then there are those wonderful uniforms that add “Los” in front of team names. It is like you are transported to Argentina, sipping Fernet Branca with your closest gringos!

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