Game #58: Philadelphia 76ers 82 – Chicago Bulls 93

Drink Red Dragon Tempranillo

Joakim Noah totally Harlem Shake'n Spencer Hawes!

Joakim Noah totally Harlem Shake’n Spencer Hawes!

After some truly horrifying play as of late, Joakim Noah came, saw, conquered, Harlem Shake’d, and entertained a fan based in desperate need of a pick-me-up. Whatever demons that may be in Jo’s plantar fascia, he promptly told it to shut up and turned in a glorious, Harlem-Shake-like performance – posting a triple-double (or, as I like to say, a “tres-Nate”): 23 points (8-12 FG), 21 rebounds, and 11 blocks. The Goat was muy fuerte. And it was ever so welcomed and timely – as with that huge line, the Bulls still struggled to convincingly close out the 76ers. It was a typical Bulls unHarlem Shake close-out job, as they opened up leads, only to see them squandered and keep fans nervous. Yet, even with no one contributing much to Jo’s effort (the team was 39% from the field and 21% from 3), the big man’s monster game proved to be enough to Harlem Shake the woeful 76ers and get a much needed W.

Why will we? Lordy, just about anyone outside of Noah could be ripped for this game. The rest of the starting crew’s field goals read like solid batting averages and little else: Kirk 5-15, Belinelli 3-10, Deng (who started hot) 5-14, and Boozer 5-13. [collar tug] … With the win, your Chicago Bulls close out February with a 5-8 record. While a poor record, the Bulls defintely had a rough stretch of the schedule and were hit with some injuries to boot. Unfortunately, March does not get any easier. One of the few positives is that Rose could #thereturn soon. And I list this as a “positive” more for the fact that it would end all the nauseating speculation, than for whatever Harlem Shake he may bring to the hardwood.

Ed. Note: I have no idea what “Harlem Shake” may be. It is referenced in Twitter a bunch, and from what I can gather from that wonderfully informative site, it could mean anything. Sure, I could do a simple Google search and end the mystery, but there is not chance that the real Harlem Shake is as majestic as the Harlem Shake I have built up in my head. #TeamHarlemShake

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One Response to Game #58: Philadelphia 76ers 82 – Chicago Bulls 93

  1. joelseppi says:

    Noah: shut up demon!
    Demon: rock on Chicago. White Castle, it’s what you crave.
    Noah: you sound like Kevin Garnett.

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