Game #56: Chicago Bulls 72 – OKC Thunder 102

Drink Balance by Heath Dolan (red blend)

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly is my favorite movie of all time. Everyone here and there I question my film hierarchy, thinking that I may have romanticized my TGTBTU viewings, and that it could be knocked down a peg (possibly Blade Runner or 8 1/2 dethroning the king). Then I will pop in the Sergio Leone magnum opus, revel in its glory, nod my head and realized that I was a fool for thinking it was not holiest of holies.

After the release of Django Unchained, my sista’ asked me what my favorite Quentin Taratino flicks were. I responded that Pulp Fiction was basically his 1-10 best movies, then the rest followed. Since then, I have had a very TGTBTU moment. Was I judging this classic too much on thoughts of yore? Tonight I had a hankering for Pulp Fiction right around the time the Bulls were ready to start their match against the OKC Thunder. I decided early on that if the game was looking bleak, I would pop in Pulp Fiction and watch the Bulls game on my second TV, sans volume.

pulp-fictionTurns out, that was the way to go, as the Bulls laid another turd and Pulp Fiction proved to be as glorious as I remembered. Both of the two events took about as long to cash in on my preconceived judgments as I assumed. The Bulls went down by double digits around the same time as Jules wanted to take a bite of a tasty cheeseburger, had I started them simultaneously. The most obvious difference between the two was the drop-off in entertainment as the two progressed.

Pulp Fiction is a complete masterpiece and the Bulls are a mess. That is about all I got right now.

About Judas Pato

Just another hard working member of the press, covering the Chicago Bulls and nonsense - often both, simultaneously.
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