Game #51: San Antonio Spurs 103 – Chicago Bulls 89

Drink Buffalo Trace Borboun

Belinelli actually dunked this ball. If you did not see it, I am sure you do not believe me, but it happened. I swear.

Belinelli actually dunked this ball. If you did not see it, I am sure you do not believe me, but it happened. I swear.

This one was hard on the eyes. It is a reminder of how difficult it must be for fans of teams that the Bulls beat with defense and a system, as that is what the Spurs did to your Chicago  Bulls tonight. The Spurs were without Tony Parker, Tim Duncan, and Manu Ginobli, yet they stuck to their defense (19 Bulls TOs), and stuck it to the Bulls. The Bulls absolutely dominated the boards (49-26) on their way to losing by double digits. It was quite apropos that the Spurs sat their banged-up stars and won against a team that refuses to do the same – Joakim Noah has been dealing with plantar fisciitis, and was ran out there for the first 14 minutes of the game (38 minutes overall).

Make Em Laugh James Butler’s sudden rise to fan favorite has hit a snag as of late, as the second-year player turned in another dud tonight (nine points, 2-5 FG, two rebs, two TOs, 21 minutes). It was the type of night that the Bulls could have really used his spark on offense. …. Nate Robinson got the Bulls back into this game, after a dismal start to the second half, but it was not enough. Possibly more important than Nate’s attempt at evening up the score was his bid at making anything the Bulls did watchable. As much as Bulls fans may get upset at Nate when he is chucking up nightmarish shots, they should thank the Bulls brass for signing at least one amusing offensive player in Rose’s absence. (And yes, that was me acknowledging something the the front office did correctly.) … The Bulls are notoriously adept at defending the three ball. Tonight was not the case, so much. The Bulls allowed the Spurs to shoot 50% from beyond the arc (8-16, opposed to the Bulls 2-12), many of which San Antonio nailed from the corner – usually a rarity for a team against the Bulls D. … In the first half, Stacey King alluded to Rip Hamilton getting better with age (much like Ray Allen). That is all.

This was an opportunity for the Bulls to pick up a home win against an elite team from the West who was hobbled by injuries, and they completely failed. It was one of the more shitty contests to sit through this season.

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