Game #48: Chicago Bulls – Denver Nuggets (They are still keeping score, eh?)

Drink Hudson Single Malt American Whiskey

If the Television Gods did not have one of those convenient score-counter things at the bottom right of the screen, one would have thought that the Bulls were losing by twenty at the conclusion of the first half. Yet, not only were the Bulls only down by five, but they had multiple opportunities to make it even closer. They quickly took care of any confusion in the third quarter. Thibs stubbornly stuck with the starters out of the locker room to begin the half – a line-up that had less than zero success against the Nuggets in the first half. The Nugs opened up with a beatdown on the Bulls and never looked back. If only the Bulls had a Nuggets-killer like Andrea Bargnani… I have some notes written about the game, but I think I will just tear them into small pieces and eat them, instead of posting about anything else that happened in this massacre.

Changing of the Forward The big news, or rumor, going into this game was the whispers going on in the backrooms of the boardrooms of the bigwigs of the Bulls. The whispers went something like this: move the Booz before the trade deadline to get below the luxury tax (an entity that the Bulls are not positive exists, as they have never paid it). The scuttlebutt posits that the crux of the Bulls swap will see Boozer trading places with Toronto’s Andrea Bargnani. Any attempt to label this trade as “tactical” and not a “money dump” will come from the front office, delusional fans, Italian-Americans, and no one else. To boot, this trade would only be a short-term salve, as the infamous 2006 #1 overall pick has a player option that would make his contract a year longer that Boozer’s deal. And yes, the day has come that we are hoping that Boozer stays a Chicago Bull. Let us drink, forget about anything Bulls-related today, and move on.

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Just another hard working member of the press, covering the Chicago Bulls and nonsense - often both, simultaneously.
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