Game #45: Chicago Bulls 104 – Milwaukee Bucks 88

Drink Stash Lemon Ginger Herbal Tea

Carlos Boozer missed tonight’s contest (he is listed as Thibs – aka: day-to-day), and it became obvious how much the starting core misses the Bearded One’s offense. Without Rose this year, the Bulls usually attempt to establish Boozer in or around the post to give their offense rhythm to begin the first and third quarters. Sans Boozer, the Bulls starters certainly looked like they lacked a game plan on the offensive end. With a group of Kirk, Rip, Deng (still looking like he is recovering), Taj, and Noah, it was not readily apparent where the shot creation was going to come from if Rip was not going to hit early (he did not). Kirk delivered his normal ideas (i.e. none), so they tried to establish Taj in Boozer’s stead, which did not result in many returns.

Cornelius thinks the basket is a ghost!

Cornelius thinks the basket is a ghost!

Ergo, for the second game in a row, the bench combination of Jimmy Butler and Nathaniel Cornelius Robinson (combining for 42 points, 17-23 FG!) sparked the Bulls offensively. Nathaniel starred in tonight’s version of The Nate Show in the second quarter and was more/less the reason the Bulls opened massive lead. Milwaukee played catch-up and – if for no other reason than the Bulls love to blow leads against this squad – it looked like they might have caught the Bulls, but it was not meant to be. The rest of the offense came from balanced scoring by the starters, minus Kirk (six points, 2-7 FG). The defense kept the status quo, as most of the Bucks scoring came from players taking their turns getting hot for a second or two.

Fear the Deer UC Faithful Brandon Jennings lost his mind in the fourth quarter, which was fun. With the Bucks down only ten with three minutes left (against a team that hardly specializes in closing games), Jennings was called for an offensive foul on a Nathaniel flop. Jennings responded by chucking the ball down the court and then (what looked like) telling the ref to go get it himself. He was promptly ejected and the Bucks lost. Jennings was only 6-18 FG in the game, but he is the type of player who can go on ridiculous streaks (as he flashed in the third) to win games. It was tres bizarre. … Your Chicago Bulls played another home game in Milwaukee, as Bulls fans, yet again, vastly out-numbered Bucks fans – much like Cubs games against the Brewers or Blackhawk games against… does Milwaukee have an NHL team? I really do not care enough to look it up. You get the idea.

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