Game #37: Chicago Bulls 107 – Toronto Raptors 105, OT

Drink La Cuvee Mythique (French Red)

A replica of the glacier Carlos Boozer rode from Juneau to Chicago to fulfill his destiny of the January 2013 Eastern Conference Player of the Month (or so legend has it).

A replica of the glacier Carlos Boozer rode from Juneau to Chicago to fulfill his destiny of the January 2013 Eastern Conference Player of the Month (or so legend has it).

A few decades ago, a little, bald, goatee’d boy from Juneau, Alaska had a dream. He dreamed that he would one day be the Eastern Conference Player of the Month in January of the mystical year 2013. Lo and behold, that young lad may have his destiny fulfilled, as Carlos Boozer continues to murderface the wintry month that begins our new year. Booz posted 36 points (16-24 FG) and  12 rebounds as the Bulls stumbled into an overtime win.

To the casual eye, the Bulls looked like they were going to easily cruise in this one, as they opened some large leads. Yet, those in the know – those sadistic bastards who tune into every game and miss nary a second of frustrating play – gulped down those leads, nodded to the screen, went to the kitchen, poured a healthy digestif, and embraced themselves for what was surely to come: a complete lack of execution down the stretch. And come it did.

The Gastineau Channel The Raptors bench stymied the Bulls tonight, going for 66, or better than half of the team’s total points. They also introduced a little zone play that baffled the Bulls (as per usual), until Rip Hamilton started dropping shots at will in the third. … Speaking of that Rip Hamilton, the masked man went off in that third episode of this contest, tallying 13 points… only to sit out the entire fourth quarter. The Bulls had a dearth of offense in the fourth, yet, no Rip. I was almost tempted to stick around after the game for Thibs’ response of a question that was surely to come, but then decided not to. I can only imagine that he said something like, “sticking with guys down the stretch” or “defensive sets,” while Hinrich was under the podium, blowing him. … And what about our fearless gladiator of a leader, Capt’ Kirk? Well, he turned in another masterful performance with the number three representing his points, assists, steals, and turnovers, adding to that four rebounds and six personal fouls. Yup, good ole Kirk’s leading stat (other than nearly 34 minutes of play) was his six fouls – that win you an exit from the contest. I will have to say, it was my personal highlight of that miserable fourth quarter. I was really hoping he was going to cap it off by falling and breaking his face or catching the West Nile Virus. … My friend stopped by during that fourth quarter. He is a casual fan of the sport. After watching about ten minutes of the game, he observed, “These Canadian announcers suck.” We were watching the Bulls feed. I could not help but to just agree with him. … As ugly as it may have been, this was a swell win for your Chicago Bulls, as the coming schedule is going to be trying. Four of the next five games are against the Celts, Grizz, Lakers, and Warriors, with the Pistons being the only gimme putt. (Granted, we have no clue on what the Lakers will bring to the court.) (And granted, there are no gimme putts with this squad.)

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