Game #36: Atlanta Hawks 58 – Chicago Bulls 97

Drink The VAC (red Rhone wine)

Exhibit A: UGLY

Exhibit A: UGLY

Other than the W, the only other thing that pleases me about this game is that – odds are – somewhere, this game was someone’s first taste of the NBA. Maybe some foreigner visiting the Windy City decided to take in a basketball game for the first time or possibly a young lad in Angola tuned in, but the result was the same: They witnessed this basketball massacre. (God help them if they were sober.) Mind you, I am not writing about the Bulls massacring the Hawks. I am discussing the fashion in which the game of basketball was thoroughly obliterated tonight. RIP James Naismith.

The Bulls maintained a 20-30 point lead for most of the game while shooting somewhere in the area of 40% FG. That simply does not seem possible. But it happened. I watched it, armed with a gauze for my bleeding eyes.

The Bulls crushed the Hawks down low, grabbing most of their points down there, blocking 13 shots, and wiping the ATL Dirty, Dirty off the boards (59-39 rebounding edge – there were many boards to be had), but this was largely just the Hawks playing horribly (29% FG) and not looking like they want to even go through the motions. There is little else to say about this game. It is best if it is forgotten all together. Kirk Hinrich did get knocked to the floor… but he got back up and was fine. And the crowd went nuts at the end when there was a chance for Big Macs. Eh.

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