Game #33: Milwaukee Bucks 104 – Chicago Bulls 96

Drink Artero Tempranillo


Carlos Boozer had another solid game, with 22 points and 11 rebounds.

Going into the season I tried to be all upbeat with the Roseless Bulls, thinking that, at the very least, many more games would be competitive, thus, interesting. (Comma.) Well, that was all flowers and candy bars in theory. Unfortunately, there is this damned reality we live when things like tonight happen.

The Bulls rode a three-game winning streak (highlighted by a road win over the Heat) coming into tonight’s contest against a team on a road back-to-back. Early on, all was good. And they picked up where they left off Monday night: a fluid offense, keen defense, and rebounding – leading to a 15-point lead. Then everything went all screwy. Left was right, up was down. More than anything, the defense went to shit. The offense never looked good after the first six minutes of the game, but they curiously put points on the board in an ugly, very-Bulls way. Meanwhile, at the same time the O stopped looking pretty, the defense started getting lazy and never recovered. It kills me to say this, but the Bulls could have really used Cap’t Kirk (out: elbow) tonight. Going into the game, my main concern was Nathaniel Cornelius Robinson guarding the explosive Brandon Jennings. Yet, with Jennings coming off a 29-point effort last night, and him being nothing if not inconsistent – I was not too worried. Welp. Jennings went off for 35 points, and was Milwaukee’s only constant on offense – other than wide-open Dunleavy threes [expletive, expletive, expletive].

As frustrating as all of the above garbage was, this game was completely up for grabs in the fourth. Milwaukee – seemingly feeling sorry for the Bulls – was completely willing to give this one to the Bulls. But the Bulls, the gentleman they are, would not oblige. Asshats.

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