Game #32: Cleveland Cavaliers 92 – Chicago Bulls 118

Drink Los Dos Spanish Red, followed by a Hamiltons Highland Single Scotch Whisky

Weeks ago, I was roped into going to a friend’s house and watching the BCS National Arbitrary Match-Up Championship. I can generally care less about football, so much so, that I found myself hoping for a blowout – leaving me with an excuse to go home and watch a mid-season Bulls-Cavs contest.

The result of this ballyhoo is a gut full of football-induced Spanish red wine, to be followed by some scotch. And seeing as my bedtime is fast approaching, I am going with a play-by-play format to reviewing this game. So you, the little reader of the burden, will witness the game through my lying eyes. (I will try to keep it concise.)

I have the Cleveland feed for this one. Upon starting up the game, I heard the Cavs color analyst, Austin Carr, utter, “And that is why I also think they [the Bulls] are one of the better offensive teams…” Good to know that the color analyst has yet to watch a Bulls game this year.

Man, this photo neatly captures the cavernous upper tier of the UC. Oh yeah, and Boozer had a huge game. But seriously, it looks like the upper deck is somewhere on the Eisenhower.

Man, this photo neatly captures the cavernous upper tier of the UC. Oh yeah, and Boozer had a huge game. But seriously, it looks like the upper deck is somewhere on the Eisenhower.

First Quarter
Austin Carr sounds like an old, blues musician version of Stacey King. And yes, I think that is an upgrade. … The Bulls waste no time forgetting that strong Miami performance and any attempt to build off of it, opening the game down 7-0. … Kirk out of the game with two quick PFs – so there’s that. … Down 22-13. … Austin Carr is a poor man’s John Lee Hooker. … And the Bulls allow the Cavs to score 30 points in a quarter (to the Bulls 22), because, ya know, they are 23rd in the league in PPG.

Second Quarter
The ole practical joke of stuffing Nazr’s shoes with lead is still going on, I see. … After a slow start to the season, it is delightful to see Taj Gibson looking like his old self again. … Belinelli lighting it up – and the Bulls looking effective with extended Nazr-minutes (Note: Varajao is not playing for the Cavs tonight). … This really resembles a Central Division contest (Read: UGLY). Bulls up 53-50 at the half.

Third Quarter
BOOZER DUNK! These are coming with an alarming frequency as of late, i.e. about one per game. … Good to see that the boards are back! … It seems like the Bulls interior passing is continuing to evolve the more games they progress without Rose running the offense. This is hardly mutually exclusive, as the prior is being born as a result of the latter. What is tasty is the idea of Bulls learning to create offense without Rose. Ergo, if and/or when Rose comes back, it would certainly be magical if they had an additional element to his catalyst. … Bulls end quarter up 88-72.

Fourth Quarter
The smokeshow is on, a few Nathaniel Cornelius Robinson threes, 20K+ free Big Macs, and all are happy in the land of Chicago. AND no one played 40 minutes. Its like a fairy tale.

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