Game #30: Chicago Bulls 96 – Orlando Magic 94

Drink Island of Geese, 10 Year Old Scotch

I swear, this troll from Lord of the Rings dominated the game for the Bulls.

I swear, this troll from Lord of the Rings dominated the game for the Bulls.

Joakim Noah missed this contest due to NYE hungover-like symptoms flu-like symptoms, so the Bulls started Taj Gibson in his stead. And it was the front court trio of Luol Deng (23 points on 8-16 FG), Carlos Boozer (31 points on 13-22 FG, 11 rebounds), and Taj (21 points on 8-12 FG, 11 rebounds, and four blocks) who made the difference in the game and pulled out the W. After beginning the game flat on offense (why they slip into the stand-around-and-watch-Kirk dribble offensive set, is beyond me), the Bulls started to initiate the offense through Boozer and it paid off, as the Beard logged 13 points by the end of the first quarter. As the game progressed, Taj became more involved, culminating in a third quarter which witnessed a profound understanding between Taj and Boozer, and some lovely passing overall. Yet, it was too good to last, as the offense got bogged down in the fourth (14 points, yipes!) and the Magic made a game of it, largely through Jameer Nelson (32 points, 6-9 on threes). Down the stretch, both teams sputtered (showing their true colors?), and the Bulls blew a late 10-point, but held on to pull out a nice road win.

Can you hear the drums, Orlando? As well as the front court played, the back court was yin to the front court’s yang (or which ever one is shitter – that was the back court). (It has to be yin, right? Wayne said, “Yang!” in Wayne’s World, and the subtitle read, “Awesome.”) The combination of Hinrich, Rip, Nathaniel Cornelius Robinson, and Belinelli went 7-23 FG and had their share of non-shooting woes. Unsurprisingly, chief among the culprits were the point guards, Kirk and Nathaniel. Nathaniel put on most notable shit-show to close out the third and open the fourth, during which time many decisions could be described kindly as “questionable,” and honestly as “fucking batshit crazy.” Their performances hardly come as a shock, as Nathaniel is erratic and Hinrich is an abomination of an NBA player. Showings like these make it difficult to not hope for Rose to rush back from injury. Thankfully we are all as far-sighted as our politicians and understand the importance of Rose taking his time. (I wonder how much he cries watching Nathaniel and Kirk run the point.)

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