Game #28 (redux): Washington Wizards 77 – Chicago Bulls 87

Drink Maker’s 46

Nathaniel Cornelius Robinson charging like a bull.

Nathaniel Cornelius Robinson charging like a bull.

This game packed all of the action that a 77-87 scoreline suggests. The Wiz and Bulls shot 37 and 39, respectively, from the field. If you are not hip on field percentages, that is ass-terrible. Washington came to Chicago on the second of a back-to-back and bringing up the very rear of the NBA in points per game – so, at least there was a reason for their shit show. Meanwhile, the Bulls had not played a game since Christmas – the wrong side of a blowout, in which many players got plenty of bench time. Still, the Bulls managed to come out and, as is tragically often the case, look totally inept on offense.

In the end the Bulls did a lesser amount of shitty shit than the Wiz to notch a W. They take tomorrow off before hosting a team who may be playing even worse ball, the Bobbycats, on Monday. This appeared to be an easy stretch of the schedule, when the Bulls could coast to comfortable victories. Let us hope that Monday falls in line with the plan better than tonight.

Suck an Egg Rip Hamilton made his triumphant return to the Bulls lineup tonight, and was thrust right back into the starting lineup, Keith Bogans-style. Rip logged all of 14:42 minutes tonight, going 4-9 for nine points and looked spry enough. Marco Belinelli came in off the bench, but played the starter’s share of minutes at shooting guard (33:18). Marco was aggressive, leading the team in field goal attempts (7-16) and points (17), and was one of the few players who looked like he understood basic offensive concepts. It would be really swell if he was a legit bench player and the Bulls had a real starting shooting guard. Silly, I know, but a girl can dream, can’t she? …  Nazr Mohammed played 13:05 minutes tonight and was even partnering up with Noah at times. It has to be Nazr’s most non-garbage time minutes on the Bulls (too lazy to confirm). I assume it was due to one of those Thibs moments where he was sticking it to Boozer and Noah for playing poorly and riding a lineup that was more interested in fundamentals tonight. Nazr’s 13 unforgettable minutes netted him eight rebounds, zero points, and three personal fouls – a very Nazr line. … No Bulls player logged more than 38 minutes tonight, which is a pleasant surprise. Luol Deng, coming into the night with a “questionable” status played the most, at 37:27, which is hardly surprising. … Kirk Hinrich played 33 minutes, with 10 points (3-6 FG), seven assists, and two turnovers. Unfortunately, this is considered a good line by our start offseason signing. … Normally a strength, the Bulls were out-rebounded tonight… making that the third straight game.

The following video was brought to my attention tonight. I am a bit upset at my so-called “friends” that it took this long for me to see it. Needless to say, I hope reincarnation is legit and I come back as a monkey on Saint Kitts.

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