Game #25: Chicago Bulls 110 – New York Knickerbockers 106

Drink Glenfiddich 12 Year Old

I think this is a still from Stand By Me.

I think this is a still from Stand By Me.

This game was a Royal Rumble with a little basketball on the side. The refs decided that foul calling was superfluous to their job description early on. Ergo, tempers flared, techs were called, players ejected, and the result was Vlad Rad on the court and not, I repeat NOT, during garbage time. Joakim Noah found out a way to play only 41 minutes, by getting tossed – which he accomplished by being on the receiving end of a couple of Tyson Chandler bows (also ejected). To join Jo and Tyson for cocktails before 48 minutes expired were: Carmelo Anthony, Mike Woodson, and JR Smith ( the last of which did it the old fashioned way: six fouls). Melo and Smith getting walking papers was seemingly  advantageous for the Bulls as they had the loins-share of the Knicks points. Yet, when they went out, the Knicks made a mess of the Bulls interesting close to the contest. Taj Gibson and his bum ankle did not play in this game, except for when Noah was tossed and then he did. Taj put on a wonderful rehabbing show, hobbling to and fro. Deng also jacked up his shoulder, only to take a few plays off and then get a dose of the Bulls get-better medicine – MORE PLAYING TIME!!!

Overall, it was a solid W for the Bulls, as they went into the home of one of the hotter teams in the East and pulled it out. Until the closing ugliness, the Bulls put together their completest game, one to rival their last performance where they beat down the Celts. Their defense (aided by the no-calls) smothered the Knicks and the offense looked about as good as it has all year – with Kirk Hinrich even acting completely out of character, draining threes. I has not sure how to react with a competent Hinrich. I think it may have even took a little away from my pleasure of the Bulls solid play, as I was confused on how to handle a competent Kirk. I wanted to swear, but he was like, doing stuff – good stuff.

The Bulls now travel to Atlanta to take on the Hawks on the second of their back-to-back. Unfortunately, I will not be reviewing the game. So, rearrange your weekend plans accordingly.

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