Game #24: Boston Celtics 89 – Chicago Bulls 100

Drink Mirror Pond: Pale Ale

Your Chicago Bulls beat the hell out of Celtics. Yeah, it was rather boss. Any victory over the Celts is effin’ tits. When they lay down a shlubbin’ from beginning to end, without little doubt, that is amore.

Joakim Noah threw down a triple-double (11 points, 10 rebs, 10 asts) with what seemed like little effort. Loul Deng and Carlos Boozer dropped 21 each on 50%+ shooting (the latter on 10-17 FG and 12 rebs). And then there was Nathaniel Cornelius Robinson tallying 18 points behind 5-7 from behind the arc. AND, AND no one even clocked in over 40 minutes!!!  Hell, I won’t even mention Hinrich’s shitty 0-2 FG, 2 assist game… oh rats, I suppose I just did.

If only crazy-ass-Nate-3s could be consistent, then we would be so much more in love with the bastard, instead of the whole love/hate thing.

If only crazy-ass-Nate-3s could be consistent, then we would be so much more infatuated with the bastard, instead of the whole love/hate thing.

Momma, I’m coming home I had the Boston feed on this one. Ergo, I had Chicago Bulls LEGEND, Brian “Victory Cigar” Scalabrine on the mic for the color analysis. And he was… quite disappointing. Seeing as I spend enough time to follow the Bulls that I edit the #11 Bulls site on the planet, it is safe to say that I have seen more than enough Scal in my time. This correlates into me having few accolades for the red-haired clown. Yet, I thought that the human mascot would be tailor-made for the color analyst post. This is oddly not the case. He seemed very stiff and added few insights – into two teams that he finished his playing career with! … After a ever-so-angering Teagueless game last night, when Hinrich & Nate combined to shit all over the court, the Bulls featured a Teague-Nate back-court in the second half. While I advocated for Teague to get a look or two (especially when the Hinrich-Nate duo is taking the proverbial dump), the Teague-Nate combo surely is an interesting/giving-up-a-ton-o-size choice. Regardless, it is nice to see that Teague is at least a consideration. … Boston’s play-by-play dude (too lazy to look up, we’ll just call him Not-Scal) queried, “Is Joakim Noah a center?” at one point. I suppose in a world where there are ton of NBA-skilled centers, that question would possibly be valid. As it sands, among starter-quality centers, Noah is somewhere in the top-five-ish. … This was a lovely W for the Bulls, as any W during this stretch of brutal scheduling is greatly appreciated. On to the Knicks! (again) Until then, two Reagans!
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