Game #23: Chicago Bulls 71 – Memphis Grizzlies 80

Drink Bulleit Rye Whiskey

Do not go reading that score and thinking this was some kind of bucketfest; The Grizz needed the Bulls to foul them late to get to the vaulted 80-point mark. I will try to keep this one short, as it was pain, all pain.

This game had lines like: Deng 4-17, Belinelli 4-12, and Hinrich 2-8. It also had me wanting to do lines of heroin like Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction. The saddest part about this game was Kirk Hinrich (We’ll get to that later.) that Memphis shot so poorly (38%) that all it would have taken was something resembling competent offense to snatch this tough road game. Instead, the Bulls shot one less percentage point form the field than the Grizz and got worked on the boards (51! to 39, 18 Memphis offensive rebs) to turn in one of the more hideous displays of basketball found outside of Washington and Toronto.

A Rose, my kingdom for a Rose!

A Rose, my kingdom for a Rose!

Much of the offensive ineptitude came from the point guards stumbling out of the blocks. Our beloved hero and leader, Kirk Hinrich, was on center display as the symbol of an offense that continually failed before it could begin. Kirk was coming back after a two-game absence, and the consensus seemed to be that he should have stayed on his injury vacation. Kirk was unable to create anything at the point and his shot was “rusty” – which is to say that his game was only slightly below his status quo. At least we can sleep easy tonight knowing that he was the “capture” of the offseason.

Most anyone who has been keeping up on current events or the Bulls roster understands that in Kirk’s absence, Marquis Teague had shown some gumption at the point. Now, I am not going to get all willy-nilly and say that Teague is some sort of panacea for all of the Bulls point guard ails. However, when that position is proving to be ineffective, there is reason to believe that the rookie might be able to come in and provide a spark. Alas, we shall never know, as despite all of the worthless play at the point, Teague watched the entire game from the pine.

Overture The Marco Belinelli Show was much more fun when he was not being guarded by Tony Allen. Belinelli came into this game as a very pleasant surprise in Rip Hamilton’s stead, giving the Bulls much needed production at the shooting guard position that has stymied the Bulls for too long. Well, that came to a head tonight, as Marco shot 25% over 40 minutes of play – and oddly passed up multiple decent looks. … Speaking of minutes, Joakim Noah logged nearly 42 minutes while being frustrated by the rebounding juggernaut of Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph (26 combined boards), ending with just 11 points and nine rebounds. Luckily, Jo is going up against Kevin Garnett tomorrow, so I am sure he will find something left in his tank to oppose his bosom bud. … I popped in Ben-Hur to play in the background as I wrote this review. It is even more glorious than I remember. For anyone who gets upset over Oscar victories, give this one a watch, then realize that it won 11 Academy Awards – and Heston won the Best Actor Oscar to boot!

This game warrants all three Johnny Cashes (I knida wish there was a fourth):
scale_three_down (1)

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  1. williegault says:

    “Pooped in Ben-Hur” was so much better. Gotta love the email updates!

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