Game #22: Brooklyn Nets 82 – Chicago Bulls 83

Drink Rob Roy

Thibs tries to sell Belinelli a watch, the Italian says he can get a better deal on Maxwell Street.

Thibs tries to sell Belinelli a watch, the Italian tries to explain he can get a better deal on Maxwell Street.

In a sense, it is almost as if I watched this game twice last night. After watching the Bulls scrap together another unaesthetic win, I went to see The Hobbit: An Expected Pile of Dung. Both were very similar in their unprovoked spite of the audience. The only real difference was that in The Hobbit, the Bulls did not pull out the victory in the end. Actually, maybe they did, as I did not bother to stick around and watch the ending. The movie would be a glowing success, if in the end of that 170 minute load, the Chicago Bulls somehow win a basketball game. Since I felt that that type of conclusion was unlikely, I left, never to know if the Bulls won, movie-wise.

I did, however, watch all 48 game minutes of the Bulls sloppy win. At this point, if you are not on-board with defensive-laden, ugly wins, you might as well set your alarm for when Rose returns (just tell Siri) – and I am not sure what you will even get then – because the Bulls are bringing hefty helpings of defense with sides and sides of foul ball. I have embraced it. It is all that there is left to do.

Look! Those are the amazing sneakers!

Look! Those are the amazing sneakers!

For the second straight game, the Bulls were without Capt’ Kirk In his stead, the point-guard duties were split between Nathaniel Cornelius Robinson and the Frenchman, Marquis Teague. Neither did an exceptional job, but while you know what you are getting with Cornelius, Teague brings some interest and controlled optimism to the table. In the end, I believe that most Bulls fans were pining for Hinrich to remain on the pine and see what exactly we can get out of the promising Teague. Much of this was due to Marquis (please pronounce it the French “mahr-KEE” as I do, it is so much more fun) closing the game out and being one of the main factors for the Bulls 10-2 run to wrap up the night’s business. I think the other end of it is that he, along with Taj, are sporting the wonderful radioactive-orange adidas kicks. They are simply brilliant.

Oh hell, then there is the whole Belinelli having probably the most important game amongst the white jerseys. But I am too tired to write about that. Yes, I am aware I am finishing up a Saturday night review on Sunday night – but try living in my privileged upper-class shoes, I dares ya! (Ed. Note: I do not even have shoes, nor am I living.)

Play O’Day N. Cornelius R. is a bucket full of magic tricks and frustrating disappointment. While he brought mainly the latter tonight (i.e. complete inability to guard D-Will), he also tracked down Marshon Brooks and stuffed the ever-living shit out of his lay-up. Thanks to our friends at SB Nation, it lives in internet immortality. Cheers!

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