Game #20: LA Clippers 94 – Chicago Bulls 89

Drink Maker’s Mark Manhattan

I watched most of this one from a bar while playing trivia with some friends. Ergo, I have little to write about it. It looked like the Bulls were hitting some threes (tres bizarre), ESPN seemed to be pointing out poor nights from Noah and Deng (I am too lazy to check the box score to confirm this), those two same under-producers also seemed to never leave the court (Thibs Ball!), and the Clippers looked like they were dunking a bunch (status quo).

Meanwhile, I could tell you for sure are that the two movies that Stanley Kubrick directed with one-word titles were Spartacus and Lolita. And check this out, other than Thomas Jefferson, John Adams was the only other signee of the Declaration of Independence to become President. AND, I know FOR SURE that I am on less than four hours of sleep and am two hours away from going home and passing out. I will be back in full force for the 76ers. Thank you for your time.

Look at that smug asshole.

Look at that smug asshole.

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Just another hard working member of the press, covering the Chicago Bulls and nonsense - often both, simultaneously.
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