Game #13: Milwaukee Bucks 93 – Chicago Bulls 92

Drink: Laphroaig 10 Year Old Single Malt Scotch

Kirk Hinrich “running the point” for the Bulls… or possibly the Bucks.

The Bulls were up by as many as 27 points at one time and played no more than eight basketballers throughout the entire game. EIGHT. Not only did a mere three bench players see the court, but they only totaled just under 30 minutes, combined. Luckily, Luol Deng was treated to all of 42 seconds of rest in this one. Yuppers, 47:18 minutes of play for Our Man From Sudan. I can see the reasoning there, as it is not like you sit someone who is a lights-out 4-11 FG (10 pts, 5 turnovers). Where would you possibly replace that kind of offense?

Not all was bad. I mean, they did lead by 27 points at one point (only to completely blow said lead). AND, Boozer and Rip were looking really good in the third (only to be shut down in the fourth – when Rip stopped having a four-inch advantage over a benched Monta Ellis). AND, there was that whole… um… yeah, this game blew.

I understand that Thibs has little to no confidence in his bench at this point. Yet, running some kind of cruel experiment that tests the very limits of the human body – specifically, Deng’s – is not the answer to the front office’s offseason incompetence (or constraints). Once the Bucks’ second unit found some gumption, they ran all over the walking Bulls. Yes, the Bulls’ bench is shitastic, but so are the majority of the NBA’s. When the normal breaks for starters arrive, the Bulls bench needs to be ran out there – with a starter or two – and these non-robots that the Bulls have on their roster need rest. Hell, get crazy and let them suck down some Gatorade or water, while we are at it! However, this seems less than optimistic, as during the post-game conference Thibs dismissed a question about regretting not playing more of the bench in the second half with a quick, “No.” Not like we expected any other response. Whatever the Bulls overall response may be, they need it to be instant, as they have a bit of a lull in the schedule before a harrowing mid-December stretch. The time for wins is nigh!

And to think that there were douchers out there in the offseason who defended the Bulls signings and moves as crafty and clever.

Time for more scotch.

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