Game #12: Chicago Bulls 93 – Milwaukee Bucks 86

Drink: Point Amber Classic Beer

Does Boozer look like a pirate here, or is that just me? Arrgh!

You know what, these butthorns who keep calling out Carlos Boozer are going to have to start answering to me. I have two lethal weapons – my haymakers – for any scumbag who questions the validity of that offensive mastodon. Unfortunately, this means I have to take these IEDs out on myself, as even with a 22 pts & 19 rebs performance, he is still pure rubbish. I suppose that makes me a bit suicidal. Maybe I should not be so harsh on my person. But, who is to say? Hell is for children.

Listen up – as you might not catch this, and even if you do, you may not believe it: Mr. C. Boozer and Dr. R. Hamilton played basketball in the fourth quarter of a National Basketball Association game. No joke. I do not believe that Rip hit a single of his attempts in said quarter, but he was out there… and maybe, possibly, in some alternate universe, he is still shooting. And who knows, in this bizarro world, maybe he is making one of those shots.

But, Booz’s contribution was quite real and very much this reality. The Beard ended up with a masterful performance and helped power the Bulls to a 54-40 rebound ratio, which included a whopping 20 effin’ offensive boards (39% FG does mean many opportunities) – a category in which has been a strong point in the Bucks hot start.

I shed a tear for Carl in this one. Early on, he had a few strong moves/cuts to the basket, and I commented to DJ HatesYou on how he often does that shit in the first quarter and then disappears as the game continues. Yet, he held up, nabbed some fourth quarter minutes, and was crucial to ending a three-game losing streak. I cannot fault that beautiful bald baby.

I could now continue about the white duo of Hinrich and Belinelli adding up to nothing, to Rip’s six turnovers, or Noah throwing in the most minutes and the most unimpressive minutes… but it was a fine win to wrap up a disappointing circus road trip and end the madness with a .500 record. Kudos, boys.

Now, off to the UC – to do it all over again. Second verse, same as the first!

About Judas Pato

Just another hard working member of the press, covering the Chicago Bulls and nonsense - often both, simultaneously.
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