Game #11: Chicago Bulls 89 – Houston Rockets 93

Drink: Forever, Old Vine Zin

Omer Asik farts on Carlos Boozer.

Ah, the epic battle to keep the hopes of a winning circus road trip alive and tip the scales above .500! Yes, we would have scoffed like a snooty Englishman at the prospect of being near the 50% mark last season, but these are different times, my friends. These are sadder, sub-.500 times.

At least this game was exciting – if you do not care for aesthetics and judge “exciting” on relative point-similarity, that is. This game was not exactly art. The Bulls D continues to be curiously inconsistent and disappointing, while the Bulls offense appears to be precisely the crapsack we figured. The defense is surely confounding, as it is not as if Thibs spent the offseason working on offensive sets (ref: any of the final minutes of the game), and tonight he relied on minutes from Taj Gibson and Jimmy Butler – two defensive players – off the bench, in addition to Nate Cornelius as the point guard. I will say that the absence of the gentleman now playing center for their opponent has had an impact on their defensive lapses, as the Bulls front court rotation D – an Asik specialty – has become particularly agonizing. Yet, why was it that a lineup of Nate, Jimmy, Deng, Taj, and Noah was thoroughly ineffective in the first half? Why did I have the fishbowl, Bart? Why did I have the bowl?

Drunk Wednesday So tonight is supposedly the drunkiest night of the year. As such, this post is becoming more and more truier. Let’s get through this. … I realize that Marquis Teague is young, inexperienced, and has not been entirely impressive, but when ole Capt’n Kirk and Cornelius are looking like complete dogshit, throw the Marquis de Teague in there – for shits and giggles, if nothing else. Granted, Nate came around and looked better (at times) as the fourth wore on. … I am thinking that the Knicks are not exactly kicking themselves for not picking up that Jeremy Lin offer sheet. I, personally, was happy he was in there, as he tried his damnedest to keep the Bulls in there tonight. … Alright, time to get back to drinking. Goodnight, folks!

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Just another hard working member of the press, covering the Chicago Bulls and nonsense - often both, simultaneously.
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