Game # 8: Chicago Bulls 112 – Phoenix Suns 106 (OT)

Drink: Coppola Rosso

Rip playing a little -rope-a-dope with the ole can’t-see play. Well played, sir.

With this Rose injury, I think we have forgotten that this Bulls team boasts an All-Star caliber center in Noah and a All-Star at small forward last year in Deng (however dubious). Add to this an effective (if not regular) offensive power forward in Boozer, and somewhere around solid, veteran starting guards in Hinrich and Rip. It is not the talent and know-how to beat down the league’s elite, but it is enough to consistently beat the rank below the creams of the crop.

This was the case tonight – the forgetting and reality. The Bulls were rarely pretty and lacked their normal defensive and rebounding toughness (for the second straight contest), but they had enough talent (that took its time rotating throughout the night) that made the difference. It was an adequate effort – which opened a lead in the third, blew it in the fourth, then eked it out in overtime. It was a fun game. Note: “Fun” does not automatically mean quality or that the Bulls played well. It was up and down – like “paint the fence,” but much more amusing and less martial arts. There was running, grit, art, and lapses. It smelled of roses and mustard gas. It was about as much as you could wish for in a Roseless, Nashless Bulls-Suns encounter (other than a masterful Bulls performance).

More minutes, please! The way that Thibs loves to rely on Noah and particularly Deng, I am glad they were able to start off the road trip with an OT battle. What better way to start it than a 45+ minute grind from Deng? … I suppose the NBA had pity on the Rose injury and gave the Bulls a kinder, gentler circus road trip, as only two of their mere (for a circus trip) five opponents have a winning record – and one of those is our northern neighbors, the Milwaukee Bucks! This victory was a pleasant start. … The Suns new hardwood looks fantastic. They minimized their awful logo to two small graphics and went with an orange and black theme. Tres bon! … The Bulls racked up three technical fouls in this one, none more amusing than Hinrich’s in the fourth. After getting hosed on a call, Hinrich barked right in the ref’s face, then ripped off his eye gear. It is nice to have an accessory to add emphasis to your beef. … Jimmy Butler continued to look like he has pleasantly developed from last season, as he had a magical second quarter, where he did just about everything during a particular couple-minute stretch (steals, buckets, and such). Is seems like Jimmy is the most rational and Thibs-trusted (or Thibs-only?) option to having Deng out there for 48 minutes. Hopefully, Thibs works him in the rotation a bit more and Deng can dream about things like not having completely drained legs in the fourth! … The Bulls now have two days off before they have their meanest competition of the trip, the LA Clippers.

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