Game #7: Boston Celtics 101 – Chicago Bulls 95

Drink: Shieldag: The Classic, 12 year old blended scotch whisky

This was one of the prettier moments tonight.

I feel sorry for anyone who had to endure this one without the benefit of having it recorded on their DVR. I had that luxury, and I hardly feel lucky for it, as I still watched the entire game. Hell knows no mercy, only early season Bulls games featuring a starting third-string point guard. With Kirk Hinrich out with Rip Hamilton’s Disease (being old and broken) and Rose out shilling sneakers, the starting duties fell on Nathaniel Cornelius Robinson. Poor Cornelius had the task of guarding one of the better point guards, in Rajon Rondo, tonight. Surprisingly, Nate’s D was not even all that bad. He went under picks and baited Rondo to shoot jumpers – a sound strategy. Unfortunately, Rondo was knocking down said jumpers tonight and was a rebound short of a triple-double.

A combination of a general lack of interest on the defensive end and hot shooting for the Celts (flirting with 60% FG for most of the game), are ultimately what did in the Bulls. It was not until the fourth that the Bulls woke up themselves and the sleepy United Center faithful. This charge was led by Luol Deng and Joakim Noah, with a supporting cast of Taj Gibson, Marquis Teague, and Jimmy Bulter/Marco Belinelli. Deng and Noah provided the energy and scoring (26 & 17 points, respectively, and 11 rebounds each), with the latter’s amusing showmanship stirring up the crowd and reminding the viewer at home that this one was performed before a live studio audience. When the episode concluded and the points were tallied, the duo’s effort was not enough to negate three quarters of uninspired play.

Every Teague Has Its Thorn Larger than any other story line was Thibs’ decision to play thus far gawd awful rookie, Marquis Teague throughout the fourth quarter. While Cornelius was always going to have a disadvantage against Rondo on defense, he was expected to make up for some of that with his offense. Yet, the Human Coin Flip had one of his poor, very-Nate efforts tonight. The result was a Teagueful fourth and, I am sure, many of the same fans who were calling for Cornelius to start over Kirk a week ago, are now calling for Teague to play over Cornelius. Such is life. How well did the young Teague look? I would say he looked adequate at best and very rookie-ish at worst. It was enough to play 12 minutes more than both Boozer and Rip in the fourth and to get Bulls fans salivating for more Teague. … Speaking of minutes, Luol Deng logged 45:25 in this contest. That is more than a little. … Seeing as how the Bulls now take flight on their circus road trip, this would have been a swell win to nab. Instead, the Bulls now head into this difficult stretch with waning confidence. Roll the ugliness.

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