Game #3: New Orleans Hornets 89 – Chicago Bulls 82

Drink: St. Jorge Tempranillo

When I heard that highly-touted rookie Anthony Davis was going to miss this game, any anticipation went out the window for this contest. Davis being out meant that NO was without their two best players. (Is it too early to call Davis one of NO’s two best players?) (Nope.) This translated into a best case scenario of an expected blowout and a worst case scenario of having to sit through any other outcome. In the end, at least I had this game DVR’d and was able to get through it quickly.

We knew that without Rose aesthetically unappealing games would be routine. What was not expected were teams completely outworking and physically overpowering this team – one that prides themselves on those very principles. While there were other problems (namely, everything), this lack of gumption was at the forefront. I was surprised that the Hornets only ended up with nine blocks, as it seemed like the Bulls put up a cool hundred lazy shots that were returned to sender. And then there were the countless loose balls beneath the hoop that, whether due to bad luck or lack of initiative, went to the Hornets when the Bulls had superior numbers and/or positioning.

Carlos Boozer attempts to surrender to Robin Lopez.

The Human Coin Flip (& other pocket change) Last night, we saw Nate Cornelius Robinson log an uber-efficient 27 minutes on the road to routville. Casual Bulls fans were licking their chops at the prospect of “instant offense” off the bench. Yeah, well, to know Cornelius, is to know how to take the good with the bad. Nate will not back down from a shot, regardless of the situation. Even so, his 6-16 FG performance tonight can hardly be blamed, as often – especially in the fourth – no one seemed to want to shoot the ball. Credit must be given to the swarming NO defense. It played perfectly into an offense that desperately lacks creativity. … On the NO television feed, the starting lineup was shown with Hinrich’s name and, I believe, Keith Bogans’ picture. It was small, so it was hard to tell, but it certainly was a black man and looked like Bogans. Seeing as it happened before the game began, it was the peak of entertainment for the night. … I found it bizarre that Noah spent the bulk of the game guarding Ryan Anderson, while Boozer was left to pickup the much more physical Robin Lopez. As such, Lopez went on to look like a HOF-lock for large spells of this contest. I am very confident that the reverse of that positioning would have made for better match-ups, but I have to assume defensive genius, Thom Tibs knows something I do not. … Oh yeah, the Bulls shot 33% FG. In a positive light, that number would have them competing for the batting champ in MLB. … I am tired writing about this one.

As much as last night earned three Reagans, tonight “earned” three Casheses:

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