Game #2: Chicago Bulls 115 – Cleveland Cavaliers 86

Drink: Battlehill: Clynelish 13 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky

The Bulls were in cruise control so early in this one that Carlos Boozer had two dunks within the first six minutes – you would think it was a Speed sequel. By halftime, the Bulls had a 25-point lead and kept some variation of that for the whole second half. Kirk Hinrich kept Cavs star Kyrie Irving frustrated and funked up early on. And while Kirk got into foul trouble quickly, Irving and the Cavs were already demoralized – ready to lay down and play dead. Good dog.

Proof: One of two Boozer dunks.

Muy Bueno In the first contest, I commented on how Rip Hamilton – though not shooting well – looked active and threatening on offense. Tonight, opted for the good shooting to become a very real force on offense. He ended up with a very efficient 19 points in 26:35. He shot 8-12 from the field, missing his only two three-point attempts – meaning that he went 8-10 below the arc. Tres bon! … The aforementioned 25-point halftime lead afforded the Thibs to rest some players and Deng’s wrist tonight. Yes, Tom Thibodeau coached a game where the most minutes logged by a player was 31:45 (Noah). Luol Deng only played fifty seconds over thirty. I have to imagine Thibs was fighting all instincts on not throwing Deng out there during garbage time. (Deng’s Wrist, “Thanks, coach!” Thibs, “Shut up!”) … Carlos Boozer dropped 19 (7-11 FG), seven rebounds, and six assists in 27 minutes, for his second straight solid performance. … Vlad Rad (Vladimir Radmanovic) made his regular season debut for the Bulls and hit a majestic three. Could Vald Rad be the new Scalabrine victory cigar? Even Marquis Teague ran around the court for 3+ minutes.

But not all was well in Whoville The satellite feed was littered with technical difficulties. Are we not at a technological point where the botched satellite feed is a thing of the past? We have achieved robots being able to play a trumpet(!), how are we still struggling with a simple basketball feed. I know it was a contest in Cleveland, but even that handicap should not be enough to damage my viewing pleasure. … I regret to inform you that my previously perfect 2-0 2012-13 NBA season betting record was broken in this game, as I took the Cavs +3. This was more of a if-the-Bulls-lose-I-at-least-win type of bet, but it still stings. Keep your good thoughts and prayers with the hungry and with me. Thanks.

The Heat lost tonight, which computes to the Bulls having DOUBLE the wins as those assholes! (Hopefully the rest of the schedule is very Cavs-heavy.) Three Reagans for all!

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One Response to Game #2: Chicago Bulls 115 – Cleveland Cavaliers 86

  1. djhatesyou says:

    Does anything cap off a win as sweet as that than the future of the healthcare industry belting out “I Just Called To Say I Love You.”

    Probably not.

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