Game #1: Sacramento Kings 87 – Chicago Bulls 93

Drink: Marker’s Mark Manhattan

What the fuck does that possibly mean? It is so ambiguously retarded. Yeah, I suppose it “matters” that we overpaid for some asshole has-been who was never all that impressive to begin with. Bring on the parade! Brav-fucking-o! If that is “Chicago Basketball,” count me the fuck out. And the two blue stripes of the Chicago flag mean something. You cannot simply delete one for marketing reasons. Why not just throw up three red stars and dismiss one their meanings? Or better yet, replace two of the stars with a hammer and a sickle.

I swear I am not reviewing every game, but old habits “die harder than Bruce Willis.”

It is rather humorous to see that while some homers defended the Bulls offseason moves as “shrewd” and “wise,” it seems that Thibs agrees with us mindless bloggers, as he seemed to lean on the starters even more in this year’s opening contest (against the hapless Kings) than he did last year. And I cannot imagine Deng’s wrist is pleased about it’s master’s decision, as he and Noah logged the most minutes. Also, I cannot recall a single time when there were less than two starters on the floor (unlike the normal Deng-with-bench rotation of the last two seasons). Even the bench’s brightest preseason star, Nazr Mohamed, failed to earn significant time (2:44), largely due to the reliance on Joakim Noah. This lack of depth also led to some fun pairings, i.e. Nate and Kirk.

Giblets & Gibberish Without Rose, it became apparent in this game that this offense is going to rely much more on Rip Hamilton. While Rip did not look bad (on offense) this game (which means it was one of his best performances in a Bulls jersey), it was not a stellar go at it – as he went 7-16 FG, and I believe three of those makes were on break-away layups (collar-tug). … I love Nathaniel Cornelius Robinson. Shut your trap! He is 100% entertainment on the court. I am not stating that this entertainment is always a plus, plus for your Chicago Bulls. He is a balance of exciting offense and bizarre/horrible decisions. If or when Rose #thereturns and the Bulls become relevant, Cornelius will be reduced to garbage time. In the meantime, why not sit back and enjoy the Cornelius circus? … More than Rip, the Bulls need to lean on Noah before Rose fully #thereturns. Few teams can boast a real or even adequate center. The Bulls need to take advantage that they have a big man who loves to mix it up down low and is competent in doing so.

Hippity Hop In the end, it was one game. There are three simple truths in this world: Death, taxes, and people love to whine and draw conclusions (Is that four?). We will find much of the latter from tonight’s result. It was the first game of the season. Will this Roseless team play ugly ball? Yuppers! Can we really draw much more than that? Nopers!

There are so many unknowns in this upcoming Bulls season. I think it is best to sit back, roll the ugliness, and enjoy.

The future without Rose? Ugly.

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Just another hard working member of the press, covering the Chicago Bulls and nonsense - often both, simultaneously.
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