Carlos Boozer moves like Jagger*

Boozer cutting a rug!

All it takes is two preseason games for me: BOOZER IS BACK! You may ask, “Back to what?” That is the crux of that wonderful statement – it means a whole lot of nothing. After trashing the Beard in my last post, Boozer (Obviously furious, as he is an avid reader of NB.) turned in two solid exhibition performances, putting up 24 points each, with a respectable stats in the boards and assists columns. More promising than the numbers, were the sweet moves on the dance floor. It is no secret that the number of jumpers Booz has settled for has increased with his age. Until now. (And yes, by “now,” I mean two preseason games.) Old Man Winter was rocking and rolling his way to the lane on multiple occasions. We will need a stronger sample size to draw any real conclusions (Maybe he was just turned around and thought he was moving away from the basket?), but it is a promising sign in a period of Bulls basketball that needs any scrap thrown its way.

Get me a medic! Our beloved “captain,” Kirk Hinrich, tweaked his groin in last night’s contest, prompting him to miss the second half (the second time he has missed preseason “action” through injury). With this team’s history of medical issues and paper-thin roster, injuries will be the largest concern (even more than the anemic offense) until Derrick Rose #thereturns. On the plus side, Kirk’s absence meant that we were blessed with the appearance of our prized draft pick, Jeff Marquis Teague. He promptly reminded everyone that he could have benefited from another year or five in college.

Just one more preseason game left (Friday, v. Pacers) before the Bulls limp charge into the regular season!

*Fact: Mick Jagger is/was not a good dancer.

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2 Responses to Carlos Boozer moves like Jagger*

  1. Touchdown Mollusk says:

    Apparently, you forgot about the “Waiting on a Friend” video.

  2. Judas Pato says:

    His dancing often reminds me of what a T-Rex tearing up the dance floor would look like.

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