Swill on Dis: Los Dos – Grenache+Syrah

Being more qualified than anybody in the subject, NB will be offering some tasty grown-up beverage options at reasonable prices in the our “Swill on Dis” column.

“Grenache” in Spanish is “garnacha,” but whatever.

Basics: A red wine blend from España, which I believe is Spanish for: horrible national budget practices.

Get, Get Down: This here wine is an 85/15 grenache/syrah blend. Grenache is kind of a nancy grape, usually suited for non-wine drinkers and chicks. It is full of fresh fruit and has low tannins (i.e. the things that prompt the bitter wineface). To give this wine a little backbone, Los Dos threw in a touch of syrah, which often tends to be on the opposite spectrum of wine approachability. Syrah brings to the table strong tannins and has hints of shit like tobacco, spice, and earth. I personally prefer syrah over grenache, but this number is wonderful blend that adds some structure to the normally light and carefree grenache grape.

Wear it With: Even with the added touch of complexity that syrah brings to the table, this is still an easy drinker. Have it with a light meal or on its own. This is also a no-brainer to bring to gathering where the taste buds may vary greatly. As with most reds, I recommend chilling this partner a skosh.

The DollarsI picked up this bottle at World Market for $7 (member price – exclusive territory, people). It was on sale, but still worth its $10 regular price.

Taste + Value =

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