Best Bad Action Movies #9: Out for Justice

Year: 1991
Stars: Steven Seagal

Plot: Richie killed Detective Bobby Lupo and Gino is not happy about it.

NYPD standard issue beret and vest.

Highlights The movie opens with a quote from playwright, Arthur Miller. Wait, WHAT?! Yeah, it happened. … Steven Seagal plays Gino, a cop who does not care for a bit of police protocol, and would rather punch, kick, and break joints to justice. If that does not sound awesome, you should probably be reading a different blog. … The name “Bobby Lupo” is mentioned to the point to which it becomes a punchline. … William Forsythe plays Richie, the guy who killed Bobby Lupo because he, um, screwed the chick he was screwing? As much as Gino wants to punch his ways to answers, Richie wants to smoke crack to achieve running around Brooklyn and being Richie. He is a senseless crack fiend who loves to make others unhappy because, remember the crack that I mentioned? … This movie is a wonderful reminder of the early 90s – between the hooker outfits in the opening scene to Gino’s vest (with nothing underneath) and beret. … Above all, Seagal’s masterful handling of action scenes is the true gem., i.e. breaking bones/joints, meat cleavering, karate chopping, and shot gunning his way to (SPOILER ALERT) victory!

Drawbacks Truthfully, when making the list, Seagal’s entry was between this and Under Siege. I picked this one, and I probably erred. I had more fond memories of this flick, but Under Siege is a better BAM. … While the action here is insanely wicked, it is not frequent enough for a classic BAM. … Bones, skulls, joints all break, but a there is a decided lack of KABOOMS! … The biggest weakness is that this flick can justifiably be argued as being a good action movie, despite its absurdity at points.

Best Take Gino enters a pool hall/bar and one of the better single actions scenes this side of They Live commences. It is reminiscent of Bruce Lee entering the rival dojo in Chinese Connection. While the scene is building up, one of the local toughs accuses Gino of “being nothing without that badge and gun.” Apparently, he was given that line by the director, told to improvise the rest of the scene, and he chose to just repeat that line over and again. Then Seagal proves he more than a badge and a gun by annihilating everyone in the joint in with what God gave him, a cue ball wrapped in a towel, and a pool cue.

Seagal with a panda, just because.

Justification Though less of a BAM than Under Siege, I enjoy Out for Justice more. Sure, the action scenes are less frequent, but their quality is off the charts. There are only three premier action scenes, but they all stack up to the best of the best. … Seagal does a masterful job of playing the cop who apparently answers to nobody (bonus points for that alleged somebody being the father who put Baby in the corner). Most movies would at least try to make the police force hold him accountable for going wherever he wants and slapping people around. What separates this movie apart from the rest is that it presupposes, maybe they don’t? … Ultimately, my justification is flawed, as I admit that Under Siege should have been here for Seagal’s rep in the list. Fear not, the next entry could have been #1 and no one would have complained.

Next Up? An innocent lass does not understand what “expendable” means.

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2 Responses to Best Bad Action Movies #9: Out for Justice

  1. You made the right call. While I feel that Under Siege is a better movie Out for Justice is certainly much more of a Segal movie, kind of like how Friday the 13th IV is more iconic than the superior Jason Takes Manhattan.

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