In America you sign Ukrainians. In Russia…

Vlad puts pen to paper for Buylls.

Your Chicago Bulls have reportedly signed 11-year vet, Vladimir Radmanovic, or Vlad Rad, as a possible replacement or back-up plan (depending how optimistic/suicidal you are feeling) for Omer Asik’s pending exit. What does Vlad Rad bring to the table? Well, his name is Vlad Rad, which is rather sweet. I mean, Vlad is pretty awesome in its own right, then you add a rhyming, shorten surname? Game over, man. Other than the smooth moniker, Vlad brings a tasty stroke from the arc. And then there’s the… did I mention his name? Maybe he does a killer Yakov Smirnoff impression.

Truth is Vlad is hardly a center. In fact his game is better suited for the deep bench, in the stands, or at his yurt. This signing is nothing more than the Bulls filling out their roster with cheap talent warm bodies. This should hardly be a surprise and please expect more of the same, as lofty expectations are a bitch. Hell, just yesterday your Chicago Bulls were rumored with Darko Milicic. If you are unaware who that is, you are a better person for it.

Remember back in the spring, when we were preparing for a deep playoff run? Good times…

About Judas Pato

Just another hard working member of the press, covering the Chicago Bulls and nonsense - often both, simultaneously.
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