24 Heures du Mans, Part Tired

20:33: What did we miss in our lapse of coverage? America’s Starworks company is leading the LMP2 Class! … The White Sox are up 5-4! … The #74 Corvette (GTE Pro) that was leading at the break of coverage, blew out a tire and now is in fourth place. … The driver of the #8 Toyota car that was in the wreck with the Ferrari has a broken back. Yipes. … The #7 Toyota car is back in the gay-rahge. … Nine cars are officially out; 56 cars started the race and we still have half of the race left.

20:52: With limited camera coverage, there is a lot of filler work going on.

20:54: The #74 Corvette is even more eff’d up than originally thought and will be a non-factor for the remainder of the race.

21:01: It looks like some more cars may be done. Le Mans is a thankless whore.

21:06: Drink: Wild Turkey Rye shot, again. There is much worry about the gravel and debris on the track. Seeing as they are soaring at 200+ mph speeds in the dark, I cannot relate with their concerns. Zip up your gy, lads!

21:27: The #59 Ferrari (GTE Pro) is getting towed out of the gravel. The coverage during the night is so poor that the announcers do not even have a clue as to what happened to it. Stay tuned!

21:55: The filler is almost unbearable. There is little to nothing to watch. At least there is six hours of this.

0:11: Woke up from falling asleep on the couch. Mission failed. There is still just filler and night racing going on. Eff this noise.

About Judas Pato

Just another hard working member of the press, covering the Chicago Bulls and nonsense - often both, simultaneously.
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3 Responses to 24 Heures du Mans, Part Tired

  1. joelseppi says:

    Valiant effort old sport. The rye should have given you stamina. Blame that on your unintentional slumber. I think the batmobile is still in the race but is too stealthy to be tracked during the night.

  2. djhatesyou says:

    So at any point are the announcers like “well, let’s see what’s in the paper today?” what is the filler? I must know!

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