First Round, Game #5: Philadelphia 76ers 69 – Chicago Bulls 77

Drink: Domaine Mas du Bouquet (Red Rhone Wine)

Forget the age, this fan plain sucks and should have someone looking after her/him. Korver, Waston, and Boozer over Deng and Taj?! Go back to school or get a job, you twit!

Stop the press! The Bulls had a double-digit lead and held on to it?! Yes, sir! Whether or not it makes this post season more depressing (by not taking it out back and putting it down), the Bulls are still alive, and still on life-support.

Other than extending the series another game, the big story was Taj Gibson – for two reasons. The good being that Taj was an absolute beast (having the very 1-3 FG half in NBA history)… before he went down (that would be the bad part). Since some higher power really hates the Bulls or bet against them, the Bulls brightest twinkle in the sky on this May night angled his ankle (a little less than the perpendicularness that Noah achieved) in the third. He dropped to the ground, as we have now become accustomed to seeing this playoff “run.” He got looked at in the locker room, returned with mixed results, and even more guessing will be made of howthis return affected that boo-boo.

Calling in the Goats Much was made of the lack of initiative/results shown by Deng and Boozer in this series. The two came up huge in tonight’s contest. Deng was the offensive spark from the beginning, going for 4-7 FG in the first quarter while the rest of the team went 4-14. Our Man from Sudan ended the game with 24 points (10-19 FG), hitting some insane threes (4-5), grabbing eight boards, while adding two steals and two blocks, with two turnovers. Booz took a little longer to get started, but came on as the game progressed. The Beard finished with 19 points (9-20 FG), 13 rebounds, and six assists, but did contribute five of the Bulls 15 turnovers. There was not another player who scored in double digits, but that is what happens when your team totals 77 points.

Cliches As much as the rest of this series relies on Booz and Deng playing up to what their contracts suggest, the Bulls need more consistent play from the point to advance. In particular, CJ Watson needs to pick up his play, as -unless John Lucas III Esquire is playing out of his mind (which is possible) – Watson needs to be the rock that runs the offense (what little of it there may be). These two cats showed up huge in Da Rose’s absence during the regular season and they must do likewise if the Bulls want to keep limping through this post season. … Rip or Korver in the fourth? How about one Ronnie Brewer? Rip could have gone to catch bingo during the fourth, as it was the Ronnie Brewer “show.” Korver saw a little action, but the minutes for the game went as such: Brewer: 29:11, Rip: 17:58, Korver: 6:16. With Rose and Noah out, how does a team’s offense sustain the minute and a half it takes for Brewer’s crazy jumper to develop? Well, the 76ers scored 69 points. It will be fun to track how this scenario plays out in two days. … The whole booing Evan Turner thing was rather lame to begin with and is now plain silly. Give it a rest, Bulls faithful – there are bigger fish to fry. … It was not looking pretty from the beginning, but is there anyone short of a masochist who is anxious to watch the rest of the Eastern Conference half of the playoffs? … It was a Molly Ringwald-ugly type of contest, but the Bulls showed some heart, piss and vinegar to pull out a win while facing a 3-1 deficit. And to that, I give ye two Reagans!

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Just another hard working member of the press, covering the Chicago Bulls and nonsense - often both, simultaneously.
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