First Round, Game #4: Chicago Bulls 82 – Philadelphia 76ers 89

Drink: Porta Sauvignon Blanc

Noah’s celebrations are a little depressing when it is in a suit.

I very rarely gripe about officiating. But, (guess what) the refs blew goats in this one. The reason I normally refrain from ripping the refs is that I believe the better team will come out ahead and that, over time, it all equals out. Ergo, bitching about the refs is about as annoying as someone writing that they do not do something, then going on a rant about that very item.

The problem here is that a Roseless, Noahless Bulls squad is probably not better than a healthy 76ers unit. I thought the officiating in this one was shotty to begin with… then it continued… and progressed… until it hit 100 degress centigrade down the stretch. It is too depressing to go back and find the time, so let us just say it was down the stretch with the Bulls trailing, but within striking distance. Much like the similarly unwatchable Bruce Willis flick, there was a sequence where Carlos Boozer (who generally never gets calls) drove, got nailed by more 76ers than there were on the court, “turned it over,” and the ensuing Philly possession ended with Jrue Holiday jumping into a faultless Omer Asik and getting a whistle for a couple of free throws.

What ate me up even more was the Philly fans going nuts at any questionable call that went to the Bulls. Yet, these are the same fans who cheered when Noah went down, so little is expected from them.

The Mike Jimmy Disappearance I understand that Mike Jimmy is the clear third option at the point guard position with Rose down. However, when CJ Watson is playing as poorly as he has, does he not become a possibility? Yes, CJ played better as the game went on, but when Thibs’ complicated offensive set is give-the-ball-to-the-point-guard-and-profit, you need to make quicker and more open-minded subs. This is where I would make a case for Mike Jimmy. I love Watson, but he has put on a shit show this series. I would really like to see what Jimmy could bring to this match-up. At this point, it is hardly a gamble.

Don’t Give Up Well, this is certainly the exact opposite start of the playoffs that we were hoping for a turtle’s dick over a week ago. The part that is extremely puzzling is Philly’s fourth quarter scoring. The 76ers were wretched putting the ball in the basket in the fourth quarter throughout the regular season. And, four games into this series, Philly has outscored the Bulls in the fourth every game. This certainly has been a mix of tragedy from the Bulls and timely play from the 76ers. …. The two goats of last game/the series were Boozer and Deng’s lack of buckets. Deng only put up 11 attempts (5-11), while Booz chucked up 24 shots (11-24). Booz had a particularly woeful start, with a 3-9 opening. He heated up a tad, but it is still imperative, boring storyline that these two need to produce in order for the Bulls to pull off the now improbable comeback. … With Rose out, the Bulls have a lack of creativity on offense (an understatement, I am aware). Rip has shown that he can be that spark, with his wonderful vision of the court (yes, even with his turnovers). But his vision was wasted today, as he largely just skirted the arc all day. Of course, it does not help that he shot like hell… again. … You know what would be neat? If Rose and Noah played. Adios, y’all. I am off to watch Apocalypse Now. It is the only thing that can cheer me up at this point. Punch that mirror, shroomed-out Sheen!

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