First Round, Game #3: Chicago Bulls 74 – Philadelphia 76ers 79

Drink: Willet Straight Rye Whiskey

Oh, how I planned on writing about Boozer’s stone hands, Rip’s curious 4th quarter minutes, Jimmy Butler’s playoff debut, and more…

Yuppers, a team scored 79 points and won a playoff game. If only that were the worst news of this contest.

The current reports of Joakim Noah’s perpendicular ankle is that it is a “bad sprain.” Sigh. This is depressing to say the least. Then I started to think if Rose and Noah were my two favorite players (its a coin flip between Rose and Taj for second), and then a shit cloud formed over me and shit shit on me and then a midget threw a gun at my feet and told me how dejected I wore myself. Then Michael Jordan came back and was in his prime, starting for the Bulls, and broke his foot, and then some asshole Philly fans cheered. And then, screw you, Benny!

The only positive about this game that I can draw is that I did not watch it live and it was “spoiled” for me. You know what, screw this, Benny. I started the game by reading a depressing recap of of their recent past, and then this. This is just like the first game of this series, where I wanted to write a bunch of stuffing about the game, then hell happened and I was left with… Screw you, Benny!

About Judas Pato

Just another hard working member of the press, covering the Chicago Bulls and nonsense - often both, simultaneously.
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