First Round, Game #2: Philadelphia 76ers 109 – Chicago Bulls 92

Drink: Battle Hill Clynelish 13 year Single Malt Scotch

Short Recap Bulls muy bueno in the first half, muy malo in the second.

A Bit Longer It was like the Bulls went and played a road game yesterday, while Philly rested. Much like teams coming off the first of a back-to-back and often struggle in the second half, the Bulls looked stagnant and clueless in the second tonight. Credit must be given to the Philly D, which really adjusted and locked down the Bulls offense. The Bulls O went from fluid movement in the first to each player getting stuck with the ball and not knowing what to do with it in the second. Philly also shot lights-out, but the field goal numbers are a bit skewed, as they broke into the open court time and again.

No one represented the Bulls in the second half. Everyone laid down. Deng and Boozer both had rotten games, but the other starters did not do much else. I was yelling at the television set for Thibs to make some moves in the third, after it was apparent that the starters were listless. Yet, it hardly mattered, as the Bulls bench envied the shitshow the starters displayed. Usually I would have called for a little Mike Jimmy time, but Watson and especially John Lucas III Esquire were strong in the first half, and you had to be hoping they would recreate some of that magic. Not even previews of Franklin & Bash could cheer me up.

Scottie looking suave and natural in that ball cap. Toni looking... well, hammered.

Fight Club Derrick Rose presented the game ball to the refs before the tip. It was plain depressing to see him hobble out there. And if that were not enough, They had to show a shot of him in a suite, watching the game by himself. Later, others would join him, but it was still Saddy McSadderson. (I thought about including a picture of him in this post, but that would be simply mean.) … Joakim Noah blew up the first, going 7-7 FG for 14 points, five rebounds, and three assists (ending with 21, 8, and 5). … Unfortunately, Jrue Holiday also went off in the first (17 points on 7-8 FG) and did not start missing until the game was over (which was sadly less than midway through the fourth). … The Bulls got out-rebounded 32-38. Without Rose on the court, the Bulls need to use their size and hit the glass. True, without the need to double-team Rose, teams can focus more on the paint, but even without the MVP, the Bulls have the size and skill to grab some boards, and they will need to do so in order to advance. … Scottie Pippen was in his normal court-side seat and was sporting a Bulls baseball cap that was… well… just look at the f’n picture. … Philly shot almost 14% better from the field than the Bulls (45.2% to 59%). This is actually encouraging, as Philly does not shoot like this. Expect that number to go down. I still like the Bulls odds in this series.

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