Wish Granted: A Bulls – 76ers Playoff Preview

"Man... I sure would like a pony..."

Evan Turner wants to know what it feels like to get spanked by the Bulls in the first round (instead of the Heat), and for his sins, he got it. The Philly guard thinks the Bulls are a better match-up. I am not sure what a fading team (once the surprise of the East) with little offense (even less in the fourth quarter) matches up well against, but Evan thinks it is the Bulls. Neat.

Your Chicago Bulls will take their day of rest today and then jump right into the playoffs tomorrow with a noon tip (the first of four games on sabado) and will wrap up the sweep next Sunday. Alright, maybe it will not be a sweep, but with or without Derrick Rose, the Bulls should have an rather easy go at these 76ers. Philly plays some tough D, but, as previously mentioned, they have little O to go up against a better Bulls D. It is as simple as those two letters to earn a W for the first round.

The bigger picture is all about Da Rose. Is he healthy enough to use this series to get his legs back and synch up with Mr. Rip? Healthy or not, Rose will play. It is impossible to say what percentage he is at. He sure looked hesitant in the few games he played at the end of the regular season. My guess is that he was being cautious, as well as still being south of 100%. How far south will most likely be what defines this post season for the Bulls.

So yeah, Bulls tomorrow at 10 am (PST), party at my place. I will provide the veggie tray and scotch.

About Judas Pato

Just another hard working member of the press, covering the Chicago Bulls and nonsense - often both, simultaneously.
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