Game #66: Cleveland Cavaliers 75 – Chicago Bulls 107

Drink: Willet Straight Rye Whiskey

The main point of this game was not to get anyone injured in the final game of this compact, ballistic season. The Bulls sat Rose and Deng (and Korver) to help this one along. The second goal was to lock up home court throughout the playoffs by clinching the best record (a Spurs loss would work as well). Well, bravo! Check and check. The Bulls destroyed the hapless Cavs.

See! I told you, Jimmy Butler played! He even did whatever it is he is doing in this picture!

The game was like a scrimmage. There was playing time for names like Jimmy Butler and Jimmy, Mike. Taj had some choice dunks. Rose wore his Roseface on the bench. Thibs still yelled, but I imagine it was more of his practice or shoot-around yell. And… Brian Scalabrine put a victory cigar on the regular season by hitting the game’s final two points – much to the crowd’s joy. Huzzah.

The Cavs announcers were amusing in this one. It began with the starting line-ups, when the play-by-play dude (I am not bothering looking up his name) said, “Richard Hamilton, who has been healthy all season…” My love grew as it became apparent that the color analyst established himself as Norm Van Lier with a fifth of whiskey. He dropped many boxing analogies and had no regard for saying anything accurate about the Bulls.

And that is all there is to say about this one. The Bulls won in a healthy fashion – both on the scoreboard and in the literal sense – and locked up home court for the playoffs (which only means anything if the Bulls meet the Spurs in the Finals). Most of all, it was the end of the regular season. On to the mf’n playoffs! Three Reagans for the best record!

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Just another hard working member of the press, covering the Chicago Bulls and nonsense - often both, simultaneously.
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