Game #65: Chicago Bulls 92 – Indiana Pacers 87

Drink: Island of Geese Scotch, 10 Year Old, neat

Holy Mary, Mother of God, please, oh please, let the playoffs begin. This week has been a cluster of bad match-ups and teams resting players. You see a Bulls-Pacers contest in April when the schedule is released and it looks like a tasty game. Then we get to it and it has the feel of a pre-season exhibition. Indiana sat Danny Granger and Leandro Barbosa (the prior much more significant than the latter), while the Bulls boasted a “fully healthy” squad, including a Da Rose who looks like he is either far less than a 100% (3-11 FG, with a jumper that is flatter than usual [read: very f’n flat]) or is blatantly throwing games (poorly, as the Bulls are very deep) …and neither team looked like they were putting much into it, save Jo (see below).

I am sure this hit the front of the rim.

My Rose, Your Rose, Everybody’s Rose As previously mentioned, Rose is somewhere south of his MVP self. Fear not, the Bulls have another game left to right all of his wrongs before the playoffs begin. In reality, the Bulls have more time, as their first-round snoozer against the 76ers – one of the best NBA names, but the second poorest team in the playoffs (sorry Magic) – should not require Rose’s A-game. And that is the key to this team progressing to its lofty goals (aka: a seventh ring – the ring that rules them all). The Bulls should have a full series to get Rose Rose-ing again. It is impossible to say if Rose just needs to get his legs back (collar-tug) or that he will be unable to Rose in the latter rounds of the playoffs, due to nagging injuries. I am usually optimistic with the Bulls (a Judas sports-anomaly), but I am really doubting Rose is going to get back to his Roseness. The huge positive I have against my gut is that Rose is a gamer and has drive unlike none other (except for the Driver in Drive).

Motions, Going Through Don’t tell Joakim Noah that this was a meaningless game (technically, it was not, as they are “battling” the Spurs for the best overall record). Jo pulled down 14 & 14 (doubling my favorite softball player’s number) and was yelling and growling like it was a playoff game. I guess he still had a chip on his shoulder from when the Pacers celebrated a victory at the UC earlier this season (which seems like years ago). … The Booz was 8-10 FG, 16 points and 7 rebounds in 23 minutes! It was sick – though (with some great ball movement) he was wide open on many of those attempts. And, while being (relatively-so) a Booz-backer, he did have a hilarious moment in the second quarter. He got an offensive rebound deep in the paint and was surrounded by three Pacers. All he had to do was throw his body into them, “attempt” a shot, and get a guaranteed whistle. Instead, he tried a insanely weak flat-footed fade-away, and got the shit blocked out of it. It was the epitome of Booz in the eyes of Bulls fans: a great game, shadowed by his softness. … Korver went strong again – 8-13 FG, 4-6 3FG, 20 points (leading scorer!). It sure is going to piss the hell out of me if this prick does not show up in the playoffs. … Chicago’s other shooting guard, Mr. Rip Hamilton, had a poor showing – 2-10 FG, but with 4 assists in 26 minutes. I really feel like a healthy Rose-Rip combo with some experience together could be crazy effective, but I am skeptical if they can develop that as the playoffs progress.

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2 Responses to Game #65: Chicago Bulls 92 – Indiana Pacers 87

  1. Goodluckjanine says:

    Who is this softball player you speak of?

  2. Judas Pato says:

    She was a legend from the trails of Addison, who would hit a ball a mile for Dairy Queen rewards.

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