Game #64: Dallas Mavericks 83 – Chicago Bulls 93

Drink: Woodford Reserve Bourbon

The usually conservative Deng, signals the Bulls playoff seed.

This was a rather pedestrian affair. The Mavs sat Kidd and Terry, while the Bulls nursed Rose back onto the court. Considering the Bulls were playing at “full strength” and the Mavs were resting two key components on the second half of a back-to-back, this one should not have been as close as it turned out. After an atrocious first quarter for the Mavs (8 points), Dallas came back and kept it close most of the game, before the Bulls pulled to a safe lead to cap the night.

Rose is back! (again) Derrick Rose returned to the Bulls line-up… or rather, a pseudo-Rose returned. Da Rose logged 31:40 minutes, but was toned down – as he never drove hard to the lane – playing a reserved role. The idea was to get Rose back into a game and get his feet under him. I assume (barring another injury) that the next two final regular season games will go as such. It is odd to watch the reigning MVP play in this cautious fashion, but it serves its purpose and makes us all wish the playoffs were here (that much more).

Shmorgishborg. Mr. Rip Hamilton had a neat game. He dropped ten in the first, and this was enough to warrant him a little second quarter playing time! Unheard of, good man! He was in the third as well and despite playing very well (9-16 FG, 19 points), the fourth quarter was still reserved for Kyle Korver. … Speaking of the shithead, ESPN color analyst, Hubie Brown, said of Kyle, “You have to love Korver.” Nope. … The Bulls featured an interesting line-up for most of the fourth, consisting of Watson, Rose, Korver, Gibson, and Noah. … With the Bulls victory and the giant-slayer Wiz taking down the Heat, the Bulls more/less locked up the number one seed in the East. Hopefully, the Knickerbockers can edge out the flaying 76ers for the 7th seed and the Bulls can avoid the rejuvenated New York squad. … Saturday night was a busy time for your truly. Sorry about the delay. … I am getting mightily amped for the post season.

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