Game #62: Chicago Bulls 100 – Charlotte Robertcats 68

Drink: 2009: Signargues Cotes du Rhone Villages

Well, that sure makes dunks easier.

I almost did not review this game. It was not a very tasty match-up (the Bulls minus Rose and Deng, and Bobbycats being a glorified D-League squad). And I was tired. My feet hurt, my back hurt, and my kid wanted to borrow the car… Truthfully, I was even thinking of not watching the game – breaking a 2+ year stretch of watching every Bulls game. But, I am a company man, through and through.

The worst case scenario for a game like this is that the Bulls look like dookie or, even worse, they actually lose the game. [cough, cough, the Wiz, cough, cough] As luck would have it, the Bulls – after a slight hiccup on D early in the first – blew out the Bobbycats. Actually, luck had little to do with it, as the Robertcats are plain awful.

Pain Don’t Hurt Boy howdy, Mr. Rip Hamilton went off tonight. Old Man Mask had 22 points (9-13 FG), with four threes (missing only one attempt), and six assists, during 24 minutes of play (the first and third). His red hot shot (he missed his first shot well into the third) was impressive enough, but his ability to play as a fulcrum for the offense was batty. Rip was zinging the ball to teammates as much (if not more) as he was draining jumpers. We see these glimpses of what Rip is capable of producing and are left only to wonder what a fluent Rip-Rose combo can produce.

Rhone, Sweet Rhone: Bobbycats sideline reporter, Stephanie Ready, exclaimed that the Bulls have a winning record in games with players out injured. This more/less translates into: The team with the best record in the NBA has a winning record. … The Bobbycats have the ugliest court that I can think of off the top of my head. The center logo is awful, with clashing colors to boot, and overall, the court looks like the colors faded while sitting in the sun. At least they have a bright future. (No they don’t). Shut up. (No.) … With 2:36 left in the 1st, Kemba Walker was in between two free throws, when you could hear someone (a fan?) jawing. Most of it was indiscernible amongst the other voices and crowd noise. Then everything dropped out, when a clear and hilarious, “That was a wise move, Ronnie Brewer,” (taunt?) rang out – all the while, Brewer was just standing, waiting for the next free throw. It is my guess it was a fan, as there were not many in the building – hence, it is not absurd to think a single entity could be heard. The only sense I can make of it all is that the fan challenged Brewer to a fight, then taunted him. Regardless, it was one of the most amusing moments of the game. … It seems like CJ Watson and John Lucas III have been more hesitant shooting lately, especially from downtown. As these two are free chuckers, this change in its own right would not be eye-opening. However, Thibs grasp of offense – no doubt due to Derrick Rose being Da Rose – is largely: Do whatever you please, point guard-guy. … Boozer dunked in the 3rd and then followed it up with a, “Dunk his ass!” to Brewer on the very next possession. This was all in addition to his, “Give me that shit!” when grabbing a board earlier in the quarter. In summation, a very strong 3rd for Booz. Muy fuerte. … The refs were quiet on the whistle on both ends – alright, it may have favored the Bulls a tad. … Kyle Korver was cold again from the arc, 1-6. … The Charlotte announcers (and Stephanie Ready), having seen Miami and Chicago in a week’s time, declared the Bulls the better team. NBA Finals, here we come!!!

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2 Responses to Game #62: Chicago Bulls 100 – Charlotte Robertcats 68

  1. Goodluckjanine says:

    Did Rose wear his GQ suit on the bench? How uncomfortable did he look on the cover?

  2. Judas Pato says:

    Rose was wearing his Roseface on the bench. The cover was all sorts of odd. He looked way skinny and they tried to make him smile. Don’t they know Rose has only one look? THE ROSEFACE!

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